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[OIA EVENT] What song would best describe your experience or memories from SNU?

Submitted by ellen1019 on 13 December 2023

<2023-2 SNU OIA Instagram Event>


** What Song Would Best Describe Your Experience or Memories from SNU? **

 Please apply through this Google form :

1) Your stories and photos submitted may be shared on the official OIA Instagram later,

2) Only currently enrolled international students (including those on leave) are eligible to apply (no graduates please),

3) Scoring results and details will not be released,

4) In any case of copyrights law violation, awards may be canceled,

5) For any inquiries or concerns regarding your personal data, please contact us at the Office of International Affairs: +82-2-880-8633,

Deadline is January 16, 2024.

 Announcement of the result will be made in late January via email. Thank you!