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[모집] beVisioneers: The Mercedes-Benz Fellowship

Submitted by Editor on 22 November 2023
beVisioneers: The Mercedes-Benz Fellowship

★ 혁신과 환경에 관심이 많은 서울대 학생들에게 메르세데스 벤츠사가 후원하는 펠로우쉽을 소개드립니다★

Mercedes-Benz Fellowship for Eco-Innovators

We are excited to present an opportunity for Seoul National University students interested in entrepreneurship and sustainability. Recognizing the growing competitiveness in employment and study abroad opportunities, we invite your students to apply for the part-time environmental fellowship program, generously funded by Mercedes-Benz.

  • Program Highlights:

Program Name: beVisioneers: The Mercedes-Benz Fellowship
Target Participants: Young eco-innovators aged 16 to 28
Duration: 12 months (Hybrid Learning Program)
Support Provided:
  - Tools, mentorship, resources, and funding for environmental project development
  - The fellowship is free and requires only 24 hours a month, allowing flexibility with other studies
  - Financial assistance available for eligible participants

  • Achievements and Goals:

In 2023, we successfully launched the program with 102 exceptional Fellows from India, South Africa, and Europe.
For 2024, our goal is to empower up to 500 Fellows and expand our reach to regions including Uganda, Kenya, Mexico, the United States, and South Korea.

  • Next Steps:

Attached is a PDF with detailed information about the fellowship.
Application: or refer to the attached pdf
Application Deadline: January 15, 2024.