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IT Services

mySNU (SNU Portal)

MySNU ( is the SNU portal website. Academic services including scholarship application, viewing grades, leave of absence and return applications and additional posts (private tutor, etc.) and various information services like email, eTL and bulletin board announcement viewing are possible.

SNU mobile app

SNU mobile app offers frequently used mySNU services for easier access and it is recommended that all exchange/visiting students download the app to check the latest notice at any time.

How to download the app?

Download “Seoul National University” mobile application (Android Google Play / App Store) and login with your mySNU ID and password.

SNU_ID (Seoul National University Integrated Account)

The SNU_ID can be created at the SNU_ID registration on the left hand side of the mySNU homepage. New freshmen students can register an SNU_ID after being given a student ID number. This SNU_ID is used as the ID for mySNU as well as email, school information system, library and college homepages. So, it can be considered the integrated ID for almost all school related information systems. Also, the mySNU ID is used to verify yourself as a SNU constituent in SNU related websites.

How to apply for mySNU account?
Click ‘New user’
Your information (name and student ID number must be identical with the name and student ID number shown on your official student record and that shown on your Application Form for Admission that you provided.
If you need help, please contact IT Service Center (Tel : +82-2-880-2121) / IT Service Center (Bldg. 102 , Room 205) in the Office of IS&T
Updating Your Personal Information on mySNU Portal

Students are advised to update their personal information on the mySNU Portal as our university refers to it to send reports and other notifications via mail or e-mail. Please update your phone number, address, emergency contact information and your Korean bank account number. It is also helpful to upload your picture as it is needed to make a student ID. Please refer to the screen captures below to change your information online.

How to change personal information?

Login to mySNU and find 'Modify Personal Info' in the bottom right corner. Or, click Academic Affairs > My Info > Student Info > Modify Personal Info

Academic Information

The academic information provides various academic related services like scholarship application, course viewing, grades viewing, leave of absence and return application and certificate issuance. Especially, if you add your phone number and configure your setting to receive SMS alerts in the my info - general information - modify personal information, you can receive academic administration information from the school right away. You can receive test and lecture cancellation announcements for the courses you are taking through this SMS service so registering your phone number and configuring the setting to receive SMS alerts can be quite convenient.

Course Timetable

Check your course timetable and check if you can see all your registered courses.

How to check a course timetable

Login to mySNU and find My Courses in the bottom left corner for the list of courses. To see the timetable, including the classroom location, click Academic Affairs > Class/Grade > Class > My Timetable. Each class features its timetable, instruction mode and classroom information.


Once you create a SNU_ID, an educational cloud mail (Gmail) in the form of will be generated. Undergraduate and graduate students can enjoy infinite capacity. All announcements related to SNU will be sent to SNU email address only (

Information Center

In the information center, you can access information related menus on the FAQ, bulletin board, SNU events and community.

SNU Member Support

In the SNU member support menu there are major services including IT service, S-CARD, library services, writing class, immediate report and facility use application. The IT service menu includes network related menus such as laptop/SW rental, wireless LAN (wifi) usage method and IP/domain application. You can conveniently access the SNU wifi and the wifi provided by LG U+/SKT/KT on campus by referring to the “wireless LAN access method”.


For course registration, students must access a separate system ( and login with their student number (2021-8****) and its own password.


The SNU eTL system supports the various academic activities regarding regular courses that students take. At eTL, you can see the list of courses that you registered for or the courses that you have already taken. Also, you can see the announcements, course materials, Q&A and discussion on each course. Effective course participation i sfacilitated as the information on the registered students taking the course, the proferssor or instructor and teaching assistants (TA). Especially, most information like tests, reports and lecture cancellations are announced on eTL so it can be very useful and you can receive real-time SMS or push notification of the announcements related to your courses.

How to access eTL
1. Sign in to your account at mySNU
2. Click the "eTL" Button that is at the upper top of the page, next to 'Webmail' and 'Information Palaza'. Or enter the URL
3. Under "Current Courses" there will be list of the classes you are taking. If you click the link for a class, you can upload and download files related to your course such as assignements, power points slides, etc.


Licensed Software

The Office of Information Systems and Teachnology provides high-quality IT facilities for student for free. Campus licensed software is intended to support education, research and academic studies, therefore, both installation and useage are only acailable within the university. For more details, please check the Office of Information Systems and Technology website

Available Softwares: MS Windows and Office, SAS, SPSS, Maestro Enterprise, Hanguel 2020, V3 Net for Unix/Linux Server, V3 Internet Security Platinum Enterprise, V3Net for Windows Server, Xmananger Enterprise, MATLAB, ALTools (AIPDF, ALZip, AISee, AIFTP), ChemDraw Ultra, AutoDesk(only Edu)

Download: mySNU Login > QuickMenu > SW Download

Contact: +82-2-880-8282,