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Study Abroad Program (SAP) Long-term

The Long-Term Study Abroad Program for Ph.D Students at SNU

The Long-Term Study Abroad Program was developed to improve the research environment of graduate students, establish basis for international cooperation, and cultivate successive generations of competitive, outstanding scholars.

Training Method and Minimum Training Period for Scholarship

Training Method

Applicants must select an advisor at foreign universities or institutions where they wish to be trained in. All of the process must be conducted under the responsibility of their own SNU advisor.

  1. Applicant must stay at the foreign university/institution for the entire time during the training period
  2. Participate in lectures and researches
  3. Carry out research activities related to the thesis

Minimum Training Period for Scholarship: 6 months (Your training period should be longer than 6 months)


Graduate students including those who have completed their course requirements (BK program members are not eligible)

How to Apply

Submit the application form and relevant documents to the administration office in your college (All application must be submitted by the office of college to the office of international affiars on behalf of students. )

Number of recipients and amount of scholarship

Number of recipients and amount of scholarship
Number of recipients 00
Amount of scholarship Part of the air fare and the cost of stay

Schedule of Application(subject to change every year)

Schedule of Application(subject to change every year)
  Application period Announcement of recipients
Program in Spring Semester January February
Program in Fall Semester July August

Selection Method and Criteria

  • Selection Method: Application Review and Interview
  • Selection Criteria: Two rounds of examinations, along with family and economic concerns

Cancellation of Selection and Retrieval of Scholarship

  1. Those who are selected by dishonest means
    (Applicants in this case will be banned from any future selection by Office of International Affairs.)
  2. Those who fail to go through with the scheduled training program without prior approval of the OIA after the selection was made
  3. Those who are supported by any other scholarship than this program
  4. Those who violate the contents of the oath signed that is required to go through with the program
  5. Those who do not submit a training completion report within one month of the completion date