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Campus Tours Overview

Introduction of SNU Campus Tour

SNU Campus Tour accommodates more than 2,000 visitors from all around the world every year. With SNU Student Ambassadors supported by the Office of International Affairs, we provide SSA-led walking tours to help visitors understand the history and vision of Seoul National University. During the tour, you will have the chance to visit several department buildings, facilities, and major attractions of SNU, such as the SNU Library, Jaha Pond, SNU Museum, and etc.


About the Tour


Group Tours

  • Number of tours per week: TBD, Mon-Fri (11:00~16:00 KST / GMT+9)
  • For whom: Only visitors from high schools, universities, or institutions may apply.
  • How to apply: Make a reservation at ( by filling out a request form. We will contact you accordingly.
  • Please arrive on time. Otherwise, your campus tour will be canceled after 15 minutes.
  • SNU Student Ambassadors will be your tour guides.

Self-Guided Campus Tours

  • For whom: Anyone interested in visiting Seoul National University.
  • Please note that the parking space is limited. There is a basic parking fee of 1,500 won for the first 30 minutes. From then on, 300 won will be charged for every 30 minutes.
  • Please feel free to explore our campus at your own pace.