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Academic Status

Leave of Absence/Return (휴,복학)

Students can apply for take a leave of absence when they want to take time off temporarily or apply for returning to school as the approved leave of absence duration expires. These applications can be made in the [academic information → register change → applications → leave of absence/ returning to school/withdrawal/readmission] menu.

Students who have registered (Expressing the desire to participate in the university and paying tuition) for the semester can apply for leave of absence until two-fourths of the number of school days while students who have not registered can apply until one-fourth of the number of school days. Students paying the tuition in installments can apply for leave of absence when the entirety of the tuition is paid for by two-fourths of the number of school days.

Undergraduate students can take leave of absence for a maximum of 6 semesters and pre-med students can for 3 semesters. However, the mandatory period according to the military service law, business start-up (2 semesters max.), and recommended leave of absence (4 semesters max.) are exempt from the leave of absence duration. A leave of absence duration of 1 year can be applied for with 1 leave of absence application form submission.

Study Period Change (학기 변동)

If you wish to extend or shorten your study period at SNU, contact SNU OIA to discuss it. For any changes in the study period, both the home university and SNU must approve it and not all request will be accepted. When the extension request is approved, you will be guided to extend your sojourn period at the immigration office.

Study Withdrawal (자퇴)

If you wish to withdraw from study at SNU, you must immediately contact SNU OIA to discuss the next procedure. SNU OIA is bound to claim the start and termination of your study to the immigration office, where we need the date of your departure from Korea. If you are residing in SNU Gwanak Residence Halls, you must also make sure to complete the move-out procedure, in compliance with your RA office’s guidance.