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What is the S-CARD?

The S-Card is a multifunctional smart card where the ID functionality (student ID card/ID card) and financial functionality (cash, electronic money, check/credit, postpay transportation card) have been combined into a single card. It functions as ID card on our campus and you can enter campus facilities that are restricted only to its members (libraries, computer labs, etc.) by tapping it at the entry. So, you should apply for it as soon as possible.

At some campus cafeterias, you can receive a 1,000 KRW discount for each meal when you suggest your S-Card. Often, students register their credit/debit card at the reception of cafeteria to top up the discount function and simply tap the debit card from the next time they purchase each meal.

S-CARD Functions and Types

Card type S-CARD (ID+financial function)
  • ID card
  • Major facility access such as the library and Information Systems & Technology
  • Library seat assignment, borrowing and returning books
  • Electronic attendance
  • Campus cyber money “SNU Money” payments (restaurants, stores, copy/print payments, etc.)
  • Financial functionality (debit card, check card)
    · Postpay transportation card (18 years of age or older)
    · Major benefits (check Wooricard for the discount limit and criteria)

Card type S-CARD (ID function)

  • Same as above (except for the financial functionality)

Mobile S-CARD

  • Same as the card type S-CARD (except for the financial functionality)


  • Same as the card type S-CARD (except for the financial functionality)
    · Can enter major facilities by simply tagging your phone without opening the SNU app
    · Can be issued when being issued the mobile S-Card
Only available for Android OS smartphones and users of the 3 major telecommunications companies (SK Telecom, LG U+, KT) (iPhone users and MVNO users are not eligible)


S-CARD (Card Type) Issuance
  • Online application (only for freshmen students of Korean nationality)
  • Application Period: Feb. 9. (Tue) ~ Feb. 16. (Tue), 2021 (24 hours)
  • How to: Install “WiBee Bank” app on your smartphone → click on [university student] → [university ID card application] → [agree] → select [Seoul National University] → fill in information
  • Offline application
    : Visit the Woori Bank SNU branch first and then 2nd floor, bldg. 67 to embed student ID functionality. Foreign national must take passport or alien registration card. If you don’t need financial functionality of S-CARD, visit 2nd floor, bldg. 67 directly
  • The photo printed on the S-CARD is replaced with your admission application form photo.
    Photo change request
    • Send the photo (student ID number.jpg) through your mySNU email account to the Division of Student Service email address (
    • Submission period: 2021. 1. 1. (Fri.) - 2. 12. (Fri.)
    • Email title: [S-CARD photo change request] student ID number_name
    • Email content: Department/student ID number/name/contact info
    • Photo specifications: 3x4cm, photo size: max. 1MB
    • File type: jpg or jpeg
    • File name: student ID number.jpg (Ex: 2021-xxxxx.jpg)
    • You must send the email from mySNU email account for identity verification (External email accounts cannot verify your identity)
    • Photos that are not ID photos like selfie photos cannot be used for the student ID card
    • If you send the photo file through a file sharing link or system, downloading the photo is not possible so you MUST attach the photo to the email
    • Information on card reception will be posted on the SNU portal mySNU bulletin board

Mobile S-CARD

Install “Seoul National University” app from the play store (Android), the Onestore (Android) / app store (iPhone) → log in → click on the S-Card button at the bottom center → mobile student ID card issuance



Application procedure

Please apply for issuance via the mobile S-CARD.


Only available for Android OS smartphones and users of the 3 major telecommunications companies (SK Telecom, LG U+, KT). iPhone users and MVNO users are not eligible.

Forms and Details

Detailed information on the forms and S-Card use can be found at the SNU portal mySNU: upper menu → information → bulletin board → sharing → archives → search for “S-CARD”


    If you have lost your S-CARD, you have to report to both the school and Woori Card in order to deactivate the ID and financial functionalities.


    Reissuance application procedure: Reissuance application by visiting the Woori Bank branch on campus (bring your ID card) → financial card issuance → take the card you received and submit an application from to the Student Support Center (Dure Cultural Center Bldg. 67 2F ) to embed student ID functionality

    If you don’t need financial functionality of S-CARD, visit 2nd floor, bldg. 67 directly.


    When the S-CARD validity has expired (graduation, completion, expulsion, disenrollment, etc.) and you need to replace the damaged card, you must return the S-CARD to the Student Support Center (Bldg. 67 Rm. 201). The card expiration date on the S-CARD (financial card) is the expiration date for the financial functionality and has nothing to do with the ID usage date.


    S-CARD application and issuance hours
    • Woori Bank (campus branch) : weekdays 09:00-16:00
    • Student Support Center (Dure Cultural Center Bldg. 67 2F ) : weekdays 09:00~17:50 (card issuance possible during lunch hours)
    • Contact: +82-2-880-5248

    Once you have been notified by mail or text message that your card is ready, you have to either:

    • Collect it from your department or at the same building you applied for it (bldg. 67 room 201), if it is only an S-Card ID.
    • Collect from Nonghyup Branch on campus if it is the S-Card ID + Check Card.

    If you lose your card, the re-issuance fee will be 7,000 KRW. In case your card chip is damaged, the reissuance fee is free of charge, but you will have to return the damaged S-card. If the damage is due to a misuse of your part, you will be charged 7,000 KRW.