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OIA Scholarships

  • Eligibility: Students who are selected for exchange program through the SNU OIA
  • Amounts: KRW 2,000,000 per semester
  • The number of recipients is flexible.
  • Applicants’ economic situation including the household income will be considered in the selection procedure.
  • Application period: January (for the spring semester) / July (for the fall semester)
  • Required documents
    • One copy of the Statement of Payment of National Health Insurance contribution of each parent
    • One copy of local tax certificate (by category) of each parent
    • One application letter (formatting is up to you)
    • One copy of bank statement
  • The recipients will receive a one-time payment of the lump sum of scholarship to their bank account.
  • The recipients will receive the scholarship for one or two semesters. (If you make the decision to extend the exchange period, you are not eligible to receive additional scholarship for the extended semester.)
  • The recipients cannot receive other scholarships from both inside and outside SNU.
  • If a recipient drops out of the exchange program during the exchange period or alters the exchange period, they must return the received scholarship in its full amount.
  • Contact: SNU Office of International Affairs

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