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Welfare & Counseling Facilities

SNU Center for Campus Life & Culture

When living as an adult after entering university, students can experience various psychological difficulties in all kinds of areas including emotions, personality, personal relationships, career, academics and romantic relationships. The Center for Campus Life and Culture student counseling center provides psychological counseling services that SNU students can receive when they are experiencing discomfort or psychological pain from such problems. Confidentiality is guaranteed for service users. Consultation specialists with master’s and doctoral qualifications provide psychological counseling services including 1:1 counseling, group counseling, psychological testing and phone and email counseling.

Individual Counseling

Counseling is available for any and all kinds of problems that individuals experience including emotional difficulties like depression and anxiety, personality issues, personal relationships, behavioral and habitual problems, sexual and romantic issues, academic, grades, test anxiety, major selection, graduation and career worries. This can be an opportunity to get a better understanding of one’s self and attain the ability to reflect so that you can better control yourself and realize your potential.

Group Counseling

When you have worries in your personal relationships or want to improve your image within a relationship, group counseling can provide an opportunity for you to reflect upon yourself within the Also, heartfelt conversations with peers can provide new perspective and this opportunity can become a stimulus to become closer with other people.

Psychological Examination

If you are curious about how you feel recently, your psychological state, your personality, or emotional characteristics, you can take various psychological tests and receive interpretive counseling from specialists. Psychological tests for various aspects are available including emotion, cognition, personality, temperament, aptitude and career so visit the Center for Campus Life and Culture to choose after listening to each explanation.

Psychological Crisis Counseling (SNU Call)

This is a 24 hour psychological counseling call service for SNU constituents (students, faculty, staff) and this service can be reached by calling +82-2-880-8080. It should be remembered that this phone line is necessary for emergency situations within SNU and to SNU constituents. This line provides immediate help when suicide and crisis counseling is needed and counseling is also provided on what to do when facing a suicide crisis situation of others. Psychological counseling is provided for personal problems with specialists through this phone line and faceꠓto-face counseling can be received as soon as possible in emergency situations.

Capacity Strengthening Program

The Center for Campus Life and Culture not only helps out with psychological difficulties and crises but also holds capacity programs that helps to empower SNU students such as personal relationships and self-control. Mentoring programs that new freshmen students and international students can attend are also prepared so please refer to the Center for Campus Life and Culture homepage and detailed information on p.79.

Counseling Request Process

Counseling request and application interview (generally takes 2.5 hours~3 hours)

Fill out a simple counseling request form and carry out a psychological test that measures your stress state followed by an application interview to briefly identify the issues of concern.

Counseling assignment

The counselor is assigned comprehensively considering the psychological test result and application interview. Afterwards, 1:1 counseling with the counselor is provided around once a week for around 12 sessions.

  • Counseling request and application interview reservation can be made through phone (+82-2-880-5501) or visit
  • Currently in December 2020, counseling and psychological test services are provided as follows to further prevent the spread of COVID-19.
    1) Schedule Intake interview and application process by phone
    2) Have virtual counseling sessions via Zoom

Other Counseling Facilities


Center for Teaching and Learning
Student Support Center for the Disabled
Health Service Center
Gwan-shim (Gwanak Residence Halls Counseling Office)


College of Humanities
  • Location: Center for Campus Life & Culture (Shinyang Digital Library Rm.307) Student life counseling office
  • Contact: +82-2-880-6087
  • Homepage:
  • Operation Hours: Mon.~Fri. 09:00~18:00
College of Social Sciences
  • Location: Sahoi-rang (Bldg.16-1 Rm.301) Student Counseling Center
  • Contact: +82-2-880-6434
  • Operation Hours: Tues., Wed., Thurs. 09:00~18:00
College of Natural Sciences
Business School
  • Location: Gyung-chung (Bldg.58 Rm.210) Student Counseling Center
  • Contact: +82-2-880-6948
  • Operation Hours: Mon.~Fri. 10:00~16:00, Sat. 09:00~13:00
College of Engineering
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Location: Nong:Dam (Bldg.75-1 Rm.209) Student Counseling Office
  • Contact: +82-2-880-2297
  • Operation Hours: Mon.~Thurs. 13:00~18:00
College of Fine Arts
  • Location: Miso (Bldg.74 Rm.213)
  • Contact: +82-2-880-7520
  • Operation Hours: Twice a week, 09:00~18:00
College of Education
  • Location: Sa-dam (Bldg.10 Rooftop Rm.P101)
  • Contact: +82-2-880-7813
  • Operation Hours: Mon., Thurs. 10:00~16:30
College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Location: College of Veterinary Medicine Healing Bat (Bldg.85 Rm.716)
  • Contact: +82-2-880-1337
  • Homepage:
  • Operation Hours: Thurs. 13:00~18:00
College of Pharmacy
  • Location: Student Life Counseling Center
  • Contact: +82-2-880-7826
  • Operation Hours: Tues., Fri. 13:00~18:00
School of Law
  • Location: Student Support Center (Bldg.17 Rm.406)
  • Contact: +82-2-880-2450
  • Operation Hours: Tues., Fri. 13:00~18:00
Yeongeon Campus (College of Medicine, College of Nursing, School of Dentistry alliance)

Human Right Center

The Human Rights Center was established to protect the human rights of SNU constituents, improve their rights and interests and cultivate a human rights friendly campus culture. Human Rights Center provides consultation and carries out investigations on matters of human rights violations and seeks out solutions. One can also receive psychological and legal support with regard to such matters.

Consultation Content and Subject

All members of SNU including students, faculty and staff can use the Human Rights Center. Even situations where only one side of the victim or perpetrator is a member of SNU are considered by the Human Rights Center.

  • Sexual harassment and violence
    Sexual violence crimes including sexual harassment (verbal, physical, visual), stalking and rape, forced indecent acts
  • Other human rights violations
    Various human rights issues that can occur within the school including discrimination based on race, country of origin and disability, unfair treatment due to some form of hierarchy and physical abuse, verbal abuse and harassment
All members of SNU including students, faculty and staff can use the Human Rights Center. Even situations where only one side of the victim or perpetrator is a member of SNU are considered by the Human Rights Center.
Consultation Method and Procedure

You can receive consultation through phone and email or you can visit the center to receive counseling with a specialist.


Human Rights and Gender Equality Education

Efforts are made to prevent human rights abuses including sexual harassment and sexual violence through human rights and gender equality education within the school. From an integrated human rights perspective, the 4 main abuse prevention education are combined together into the human rights and gender equality education.

What is abuse prevention education?
This is a compulsory sexual harassment, sexual violence, prostitution and domestic violence prevention education mandated by law that everyone receive a 1 hour session a year.
Online human rights and gender equality education (once a year)

Access to → Log in to mySNU → register

Offline human rights and gender equality education

Complete the regular or irregular human rights and gender equality education (refer to the announcements in the Human Right Center homepage)

Various Human Rights Academic-Cultural Programs

In an effort to promote a culture that respects human rights, various human rights academic and cultural programs are organized.

Student human rights research promotion

The student human rights research project contest and graduate student human rights academic paper prize contest are organized to increase awareness on the topic of human rights and encourage exploration on this topic.

Human rights week

Every year, the participatory human rights culture festival is held through the human rights week to look back on the human rights reality within and outside the school.

Human rights forums, lectures and conferences

Forums, lectures and academic conferences regarding various subjects are organized to expand the horizon on the academic discussion in human rights and cultivate talent with human rights sensitivity.

Human rights groups volunteer program

The opportunity for students to experience and learn about the human rights scene is provided in an effort to encourage the integration of knowledge and practice in the field of human rights.

Survey and systematic improvement

Surveys and studies regarding human rights issues in the school are carried out to present the opinions on major human rights issues.

Exchange and cooperation for human rights promotion

The exchange and cooperation with various domestic and international universities and organizations are promoted for the strengthening of human rights protection.

    Asking for Help on Campus

      In case of sexual harassment or sexual violence:
      In case of other human rights abuse or complaints:
      To arrange a meeting with one of our advisors, please make a reservation by phone.
      Visiting Hours: Mon~Fri 10:00AM~5:00PM You can also fill in the online form at the website:

      Asking for Help Outside the Campus

      The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family runs 30 relief centers for victims of sexual, domestic and school violence. There are three type’s One-stop Support Centers for victims of sexual and school violence, the Sun-flower Children Centers and Sun-flower Women and Children Centers.

      One-Stop Centers and Women’s Centers offer help to victims of sexual, domestic and school violence as well as victims of sex trafficking. They have free comprehensive counseling, investigative work, medical care and legal advice and operate 24/7. The centers do not employ translators, but the workers present can at times communicate with foreign victims, depending on the center. The ministry said if communication is difficult or impossible, some centers will call translators. Victims should call 1899-3075 immediately after the attack and they will be connected to the center nearest to their location. Locations include four in Seoul in Songpa-gu, Dongjak-gu, Mapo-gu and Jongno-gu; one in Busan in Seo-gu; two in Daegu in Seo-gu and Jung-gu; two in Gwangju in Dong-gu; and one in Jeju.

      Also Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center offers help to victims in English and Korean. They provide counseling and support for victims, including medical and legal advice. The center can be reached at (02) 338-2890~2,, or Programs created exclusively for foreign victims have appeared in recent years as well. A new program in Seoul called 'Seoul Survivor Services' aims to be that critical link between foreign victims, the police and medical centers. For now, Seoul Survivor Services just handles referrals, but it hopes in the future to start up a hotline, conduct community outreach programs and be able to help victims in every aspect. They can be reached by emailing or visiting their Facebook page, “Seoul Survivor Services”.

      The Migrant Women’s Emergency Support Services also offer counseling and aid in 11 languages. They offer telephone and in-person counseling, as well as emergency shelter services, legal counseling, connection to emergency services such as legal aid, investigation and police services, hospitals and medical treatment and interpretation services. The group can be contacted by calling 1577-1366 or visiting their website at

      SNU Career Development Center

      What does the SNU Career Development Center do for students?

      SNU Career Development Center aims to provide comprehensive support for students’ career development and to help them transition from school life to that of the professional world.

      SNU Career Development Center provides different programs aimed at helping SNU students in realizing their dreams by building a bridge between the students and the world. They have a variety of customized career development programs like individual counseling, career design workshop, mentoring, practical training and programs tailored to women, disabled and colleges. They also have job programs, internship programs, corporate programs and a wealth of online job information for students who are looking for the best place to work and for the companies that are searching for the best talents to hire.

      They also have global internships, Global Talent Programs, overseas internship programs for students who want to challenge the international job market.


      • From front gate → Go straight for 50m and take the first left turn → Go straight for 400m and turn left at CJ International Hall → Go straight for 20m, rear gate of the Lotte International Education Hall (red brick building)
      • From rear gate → Go straight for 200m and turn right → Go straight for 1.5km and turn right (to Gym, Baseball Stadium) across from the 58 Building, College of Business Administration → Go straight for 20m, Lotte International Education Hall (red brick building) on the left

      Career Consultation and Career Examination

      SNU students can apply for a consultation through the Career Development Center homepage. Career examinations include the MBTI personality type test, SII occupational interest test, and CTI career thought inventory.
      Procedures: Online application > Reception interview > Career examination > Counselor assignment > Personal consultation (once a week, 50 minutes)

      Career Design Group Counseling

      There is a group program for the career design of 10~12 students during the summer and winter vacations based on self-understanding with a counselor, and this program helps to clarify the students' understanding of their personalities, interests, skills, and values and identifying their goals.