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[홍보] ISF SPRING 2024 International Student Fair 제3회 외국인유학생 취업창업페어 5/9 세종대학교

Submitted by alasmile on 27 March 2024

[제3회 외국인유학생 취업창업페어 행사 내용]

행사명 : ISF SPRING 2024 제3회 외국인유학생 취업창업페어

주최 : 세종대학교, 잡센터(JOBCENTER)

주관 : 시간미디어(주), 세종대학교 원스탑 서비스센터

일시 : 2024년 5월 9일 목요일 오전 10시 - 오후 5시

장소 : 세종대학교 광개토관 컨벤션홀(B2)

외국인유학생/관계자 : 무료 참가

[Details of International Student Job & Startup Fair]

Title : ISF SPRING 2024 International Student Job & Startup Fair

Host : Sejong University, JOBCENTER

Organized by : Siganmedia, Sejong University One-Stop Service Center

Date and time : Thursday 9 May, 2024, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Location : Sejong University Gwanggaeto Hall Convention Hall (B2)

Program : Job Interview and starup consulting

Cooperation : International Management Institute of the Korea Federation of Industries (formerly the International Management Institute of the Federation of Korean Industries), ISIC(International Student Identity Card), Yellopunch

ESG Organizer : Livewith

Participants : International Students, Company HR Team, University International Office and Job Team, Service Providers and Related Professionals

International students / University Staff : Free

[Application via Google Form]


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