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Application Guidelines for the Global Hope Scholarship Program for Fall 2024

Submitted by Editor on 4 July 2024

For the details, please refer to the attachments. (Read ALL the details carefully. EVERYTHING THE APPLICANT NEEDS TO KNOW IS INSIDE THE DOCUMENTS.)


. Deadline:

- Submission to OIA by an electronic official document from the applicant’s college by July 17th, 2024 (Your department college collects all applications & sends them back to OIA. YOU ARE NOT TO DIRECTLY APPLY THROUGH OIA. THEREFORE, YOU NEED TO FIND YOUR INDIVIDUAL DEPARTMENT'S DEADLINE BY CONTACTING DEPARTMENTS.)

1) Submit required documents to your designated college’s administration office (see list below for details)

2) Please contact the administration office of your designated college regarding submission deadlines to your college’s administration office.

* Important: Early submissions are strongly recommended so that the college’s administration office can prepare to submit your documents by an official document to the OIA.


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