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2nd Recruitment for SNU President Fellowship (SPF) for Spring 2024

Submitted by Editor on 8 December 2023

Warm greetings from the SNU Office of International Affairs.

Our office is currently going through the 2nd round of recruiting students for the SNU President Fellowship (SPF) program for Spring 2024. 

In hopes of finding a suitable candidate for the scholarship, we are sending out this guideline to our international students. Please find below a short summary of the SPF scholarship program.


SNU President Fellowship (SPF)

- Eligibility: Teaching/instructional staff at from universities in developing countries without a Ph.D degree and newly admitted to SNU as a Ph.D. student for Spring 2024


- Details:

1) Full tuition fee for maximum 6 semesters

2) \1,500,000~2,000,000 monthly stipend for 3~4 years

3) A round-trip airfare (within maximum limit)

4) Korean language training (Evening Class during the regular semester)

5) Support for National Health Insurance

6) Child Care Support


Please refer to the attched application guidelines with care and submit your application through your department if you feel you are a eligible candidate for this scholarship.

The submission deadline is : December 20th (Wed.), 2023 (KST)

The SPF scholarship is one of SNU's most prestigious scholarships. Even if you are currently receiving another scholarship at the moment, if you do get final selection to be a SPF scholarship student, you can renounce the scholarship you are currently receiving and choose to switch to the SPF scholarship program.

(There might be some differences according to the scholarship regulations you apply to, so please ask beforehand if you are receiving another scholarship at the moment)

Thus, please try to to seize this opportunity if you can do so.


Inquiries: 02-880-2519/


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