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[홍보] Fudan_YICGG2024_ Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance

Submitted by Editor on 15 April 2024
  1. Introduction to YICGG: YICGG, initiated by Fudan University in 2007 and later supported by UNDP China, aims to foster innovative solutions to global governance challenges and amplify the voices of young people worldwide.

  2. YICGG History: Known as China's first international innovation competition on global governance, YICGG has collaborated with renowned institutions to organize competitions in various countries, receiving recognition from prominent figures like Mr. Enrico Letta, former Prime Minister of Italy.

  3. Theme for This Year: The theme for YICGG2024 is "Global AI Governance: A New Era of Responsibility, Challenge, and Cooperation," anticipating significant contributions from students' insights and creativity.

  4. Competition Details: The competition has already commenced online, with the registration deadline set for April 21st and proposal submissions due by April 28th. Preliminary results will be announced by May 17th, and the final round is scheduled to take place in Hungary from July 22nd to 26th.

    For more details about YICGG2024, you can visit

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