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Call for Global Subsidy Scholarship of Fall 2023

Submitted by Editor on 16 October 2023

We are pleased to announce the call for the Global Subsidy Scholarship 2023. Please see details of the scholarship below and apply within the designated period.


1. Global Subsidy Scholarship

The principal aim of this scholarship program is to offer financial support to deserving international students to continue their studies at SNU. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for this scholarship.


2. Eligible Applicants (must meet all the below requirements)

- Undergraduate and graduate international students who are currently enrolled as a regular degree student in Seoul National University for 2023 Fall semester (students who have finished their courses are NOT eligible)

- International students who have been recommended by his/her affiliated school/college (application must be submitted from the applicant’s college/school to the SNU OIA)


3. Selection Priority

 - Selection priority will be given to the students below:

(1) Students who are currently not receiving any scholarships

(2) Students who are currently living with family members(spouse, children etc.)

(3) Students who are able to submit documents that can show they are facing financial difficulties


4. Scholarship Benefits

- Subsidy of KRW 3,000,000 (one time)


5. Scholarship Period (supported within the normative period)

-  One semester (Fall semester of 2023)

Most scholarships can be received at the same time with the Global Subsidy Scholarship, but it is highly recommended that applicants consult their eligibilities with the administration office of their affiliated school/department


6. Required Documents

- Application form (use attached form)

- Recommendation letter from the applicant’s advisor/supervisor (use attached form)

- Academic Transcript of the applicant’s previous semester

- Documents that show the applicant is facing difficulties financially (if applicable)

(ex: family relationship reports/family relationship certificates, proof of income of the applicant or the parents of the applicant (or the equivalent financial data), medical certificate or hospital receipt)


7. Deadline

- Submission to OIA by an electronic official document from the applicant’s college by October 31st, 2023

1) Submit required documents to your designated college’s administration office (see list below for details)

2) Please contact the administration office of your designated college regarding submission deadlines to your college’s administration office.

* Important: Early submissions are strongly recommended so that the college’s administration office can prepare to submit your documents by an official document to the OIA.


8. Screening of Documents: During November 2023


9. Final announcement of results: During late November 2023 to be announced by e-mail (only those who passed the final screening will be contacted)


10. Inquiries: Ms. Jinsol Maeng, Office of International Affairs (+82-2-880-2519,

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