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Study Abroad Program (SAP) Short-term


Study Abroad Program (SAP)

The goal of the program is to provide students with the opportunity to improve their foreign language skills, be exposed to different cultures, to develop their own international perspectives, and to cultivate their ability to meet the global challenges. The program encourages students to take regular courses at foreign universities or training programs during summer and winter vacation.


  1. Type Ⅰ
    - Pre-assigned Programs ※Subject to change every semester
  2. Type Ⅱ
    - Student-designed Programs


  1. Applicant must be enrolled this semester and at the date of application
  2. Applicant must have a GPA above 2.7 for undergraduate students, 3.3 for graduate students
  3. For students in the College of Medicine, Dentistry or Nursing, their program can consist of observation of practical training sessions.
  4. Students supported by other funding organizations such as BK project for the same training program are not eligible.

How to apply

Submit the application form and the relevant documents to the administration office in your college. (All application must be submitted by the college to Office of International Affairs on behalf of students)

Number of recipients and amount of scholarship

Number of recipients and amount of scholarship
Number of recipients 00
Amount of scholarship Tuition Fee, Accommodation Fee, Part of Airfare

Application Schedule

Schedule of application (subject to change every year)
  Application period Announcement of recipients
Summer program March April
Winter program September October

Cancellation of Selection and Retrieval of Scholarship

  1. Those who are selected by dishonest means (Applicants in this case will be banned from any future selection by Office of International Affairs.)
  2. Those who fail to go through with the scheduled training program without prior approval of the OIA after the selection was made.


  1. Students are responsible for all the preparatory procedures related to their study abroad programs and departure (from Korea).
  2. Students are responsible for any other expenses.
  3. Documents submitted will not be returned.