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Foods & Cafeterias

On-campus cafeterias mainly offer Korean cuisine at a wide range of prices from about KRW 2,200 to KRW 15,000 per meal. A typical menu would be noodles or rice and soup with three to four side dishes (including kimchi). Western-style menu is available from time to time as the menus continue to change.

Tips for Vegetarians

Korean cuisine usually incorporates a variety of vegetables. At the same time, a typical main dish will also have one type of meat (beef, pork, fish, poultry or shellfish). Many Korean dishes are also made using animal-derived ingredients, such as beef powder or fish sauce. This applies also to kimchi.

Enjoying Korean cuisine can be a bit difficult for strict vegetarians and vegans. Vegetarians are a minority in Korea. However, vegetarian restaurants are becoming increasingly popular as health concerns and animal rights movements are growing.

Campus Restaurants with Vegetarian Options
Cafeteria/Restaurant Location Vegetarian Offering
Veggie Queen College of Liberal Studies (Bldg. 220) Vegan and vegetarian salads, sandwiches, and rice bowls
Lounge'O Dongwon Dining Hall (Bldg. 113) Vegan: Mushroom Pilaf
Lacto (includes dairy): Gorgonzola Pizza, Sweet Corn Pizza, Mushroom Risotto, Mushroom and Sweet Pumpkin Salad
Quiznos College of Engineering (Bldg. 301)
Global Residence Hall (Bldg. 917)
Topping and fillings can be added or omitted
Italian Salad (Vegan), Flex Steak Sandwich (Veggie Steak), Ricotta Veggie & Avocado Sandwich (cheese can be omitted)
Pho Pho In Daelim International House (Bldg. 137-2) Fried Rice (seafood can be omitted)
Lotteria Kwanjeong Library (Bldg. 62-1) Ria Miracle Burger (Alternative meal burger)
Rakkujeong Global Education Center for Engineers (Bldg. 38) Hot Stone Pot Bibimbap (Meat can be omitted)
J Gimbap Kwanjeong Library (Bldg. 62-1) Kimchi Riceball, Kimchi Gimbap
10 inch Sandwich & Coffee Gwanaksa Dormitory (Bldg. 900) Veggie Sandwich
BeLePi College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (Bldg. 200) Mini Steamed Rice and Barely Cake, Sweet Price doughnut
Lounge Snack Student Center (Bldg. 63) Toast Sandwich (some fillings can be omitted)
Neutinamu Central Library (Bldg. 62), Jahayeon Cafeteria (Bldg. 109), Dongwon Dining Hall (Bldg. 113), Language Education Institute (Bldg. 137-1) Cow's Milk > Soy Milk (substitution possible)
Waffles and other baked goods edible for lacto-ovo vegetarians
The Roaster 59 Business School (Bldg. 59-1) Cow's Milk > Soy Milk, Almond Milk (substitution possible)
Pascucci College of Education (Bldg. 11), Kwanjeong Library (Bldg. 62-1) Coconut Cold Brew Latte (coffee-based coconut milk), Strawberry Granita (without ice-cream)
Blue Pot Global Residence Hall (Bldg. 917) Cow's Milk > Soy Milk (substitution possible)
Cafe Gran Gwanaksa Domitory (Bldg. 901) Cow's Milk > Soy Milk (substitution possible)
Nature Valley (oats crunchy bar)
Plain & Onion Bagel
Sing Sing Juice College of Law (Bldg. 72) Cow's Milk > Soy Milk (substitution possible)
A Twosome Place College of Natural Sciences (Bldg. 500) Cow's Milk > Soy Milk, Oat Milk (substitution possible)
THE LAB 24/7 Bldg. 12, Bldg. 32-1 Cow's Milk > Soy Milk (substitution possible)
Gong cha Student Center (Bldg. 63) Cow's Milk > Soy Milk (substitution possible)
Compose Coffee Shinyang Social Sciences Hall (Bldg. 16-1) Cow's Milk > Soy Milk (substitution possible)

Restaurants inside Gwanak Campus

Adjusting to new and unfamiliar food can be difficult and make you feel homesick. SNU provides a variety of restaurants on campus. The restaurant inside the Hoam Faculty House is managed by a hotel. The menus incorporate western-style dishes but they can be a bit pricey in comparison to the school cafeterias. Each week, the school provides a list of menus by restaurants and cafeterias on the SNU newspaper in Korean. The same information can be found on the website in both Korean and in English.

  • There are many other small snack bars and cafés around the campus that are not listed above.
  • Breakfast is available in some cafeterias (Breakfast menus are generally similar to lunch and dinner menus except that they tend to be less spicy).
  • Each cafeteria offers two or three different menu options at each meal time (lunch and dinner).

School Cafeterias

SNU Gwanak campus has more than 30 cafeterias and restaurants located throughout the campus, as well as cafes and snack places.

Many of the cafeterias are operated by the SNU Cooperative, a non-profit corporation committed to provide good service at moderate prices. SNU members can receive partial discount at some of these cafeterias. In order to receive this discount, you should purchase your meal ticket at the ticket booth (cash allowed, S-Card required), or register your debit/credit card for the discount function so that you can simply tap the card to purchase a meal each time.

Lists of cafeterias/restaurants and cafes on campus

What is the SNU Cooperative? The SNU Cooperative is a non-profit corporation within SNU created by the voluntary contribution of its members. The SNU Cooperative runs various education support facilities as well as other facilities including restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, bookstores, souvenir shops, stationery stores and copy rooms. Quality services are provided at low prices and the profits made are returned to the school constituents.
What is the SNU Cooperative membership? The members are the owners of the cooperative. Membership is given through contribution (at least 1 account) and this contribution is immediately refunded upon membership cancellation. Membership is only available to the members of SNU.
Member Benefits: 1. 10% discount on drinks at Cafe Neutinamu 2. 3% discount on stationery and souvenir purchases 3. Free student handbook every year (worth 1,500 won) 4. Benefits at various SNU Cooperative events (Ex: 50% discount on special meals) 5. Textbook market fee exemption
Membership Application Method 1. Click on the membership menu in the SNU Cooperative homepage 2. On-site application at campus stores, stationery store, souvenir shop and Cafe Neutinamu are possible - Deposit account: Nonghyup 079-17-033257 (Account holder: 서울대 생활협동조합 SNU Cooperative) - Contributions of 1 or more accounts possible (10,000 won)

Convenience Stores

  • Location : College of Social Sciences (Bldg. 16-1), College of Engineering (Bldg. 32-1, 34, 301), Kwanjeong Library (Bldg. 62-1), Global Residence Hall (Bldg. 917)
  • Location : Student Center (Bldg. 63), Dongwon Dining Hall (Bldg. 113), College of Liberal Studies (Bldg. 220), Research Park (Bldg. 940), etc.
  • Location : Gwanaksa Dormitory (Bldg. 900)