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List of Contact
Position Tasks Name Phone No. Email  
Vice President   Prof. Jae W. Lee 82-2-880-5859  
Deputy Vice President   Prof. Sun-Young Kim 82-2-880-2583  
Managing Director   Ms. Jeong Hwa Lee 82-2-880-2584  
Executive Director   Ms. Minjeong Koo 82-2-880-8635  
International Education
Director International Education
Ms. Sunju Park 82-2-880-8692  

SNU in the World Program (SWP) 
Study Abroad Program (SAP) (Outbound)
International Internship Program (Outbound)

Ms. Sooeem You 82-2-880-2585
Manager International Summer Program (ISP) Ms. Jiyeon Yang 82-2-880-4449
Manager International Summer Program (ISP) Ms. Soyoung Park 82-2-880-4449  
Manager Exchange/Visiting Program (Inbound)
Summer/Winter Visiting Student Program for Foreign Students
Ms. Yunju Hwang 82-2-880-8634  
Manager Exchange Student Program (Outbound)
SAF Visiting Program (Outbound)
Ms. Hyunjoo Bae 82-2-880-2594  
Manager Scholarships for Exchange Students (In/Outbound)
SNU Buddy
Ms. Moonkyung Baik 82-2-880-5085  
International Cooperation
Director Planning & Management of Service for International Faculty and Students Ms. Hyunjung Park 82-2-880-4447  
Manager KGSP Scholarship Ms. Areum Lee 82-2-880-8638
Manager International Conferences
Protocol of Visits (In/Outbound)
Mr. Sunwoong Choi
Ms. Hyesu Shin
Manager Protocol of Visits (In/Outbound)
SNU Student Ambassador & Campus Tours
Ms. Sihun Ahn 82-2-880-8636  
Manager Scholarships for International Students Ms. Jinsol Maeng 82-2-880-2519
Manager Accounting Ms. Lanha Kim 82-2-880-8635  
Manager Visa & Immigration for International Students
Support Service for International Students
Ms. Chaeeun Lee
Ms. Jungwon Kim
Manager Support Service for International Faculty
SNU Plus Mentoring Program
Ms. Hyoryun Song 82-2-880-8636  
Manager Brain Korea 21 [FOUR]
One-Stop Services
Ms. Eun Joo Kim 82-2-880-8633


March 1, 2024