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2nd Recruitment for SNU Global Scholarship (GS2) for Fall 2023

Submitted by Editor on 16 October 2023


We are pleased to announce the call for the 2nd recruitment for the SNU Global Scholarship (GS2) of Fall 2023. SNU Global Scholarship is open to international students enrolled in the graduate program (non-degree students not applicable). Please see details of the scholarship below and apply within the designated period.


Scholarship Type: Global Scholarship 2 (GS 2): Full tuition waiver


Supported Period: One semester/ 6 months (for Fall 2023)


(1) The 2nd recruitment for Global Scholarship of Fall 2023 only provides the GS2(tuition fee support) option (GS1 option and Korean Language Class option are NOT provided under this recruitment).

(2) Those who have finished their courses as of September 2023, cannot receive the GS scholarship (must be a regular student who is enrolled in courses).

(3) Those who are already receiving tuition fee waiver, or tuition fee support from a different scholarship are NOT eligible.

(4) Students who are already receiving another scholarship can be awarded the GS2 scholarship only if they are under at least one of the below conditions:

  a) if the applicant renounces the scholarship he/she is currently receiving and takes the GS2 scholarship

  b) if the scholarship that the applicant is currently receiving is NOT a scholarship that involves tuition fee waiver/tuition fee support (normally monthly subsidy scholarships are allowed to take with the GS2, but it is highly recommended that students consult their eligibility with the administration office beforehand)


Application Period: October 17th – October 27th, 2023 (online application through mySNU portal)

 Application Instruction

1.      Login to your mySNU account (

2. Go to Academic Affairs – Scholarship – Apply/See Status – Apply for Scholarship

        (Another route: Academic Affairs – My Info – Student Info – Manage Student Services/Activities)

3. Find the notice for SNU Global Scholarship Program and click “Apply”

4. Fill out the reason for applying and submit video URL (if applicable), then click “Apply”



Extra Points

There will be extra points for those who submit a video link (YouTube or Vimeo, 5 minutes maximum) presenting their academic achievements, study plan, and goals after graduation (submit video URL upon online application).


Selection Process

After you apply for the Scholarship, your affiliated college/department will screen your application and inform OIA of the screening results. Some college/departments might ask their applicants to submit additional documents to go through the screening. So please keep yourself noted about the announcements from your designated college/school. “Your Reason for Scholarship Application” should not be longer than 400 characters.


Afterwards, OIA will announce acceptance results by email. Only those who are selected will be contacted by email.

Results for applicants: to be announced on November 24th, 2023


Contact Information: Refer to the attached Directory for International Scholarship Students

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