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Exchange program

Exchange program is for students in SNU partner universities who wish to study at SNU for one or two semesters and transfer credits to their home institution. Candidates must be officially nominated by their home institution and pay the tuition fee at their home institution.
  exchange program



  • Applicants must currently be enrolled in at least second semester of the home university program (= have completed at least one semester before they apply)
    * We cannot thus accept graduate students who are enrolled in the first semester of the Master’s program at their application stage.
  •    Applicants must fulfill the following GPA requirement. (from Fall 2020’s admission)    
Undergraduate GPA 2.5/4.0 (equivalent to 2.7/4.3)
or percentile rank 83
Graduate GPA 3.0/4.0 (equivalent to 3.3/4.3)
or percentile rank 89
  • Fluent level of either English or Korean language proficiency is highly recommended, but no certification is required.
IELTS 6.0 or above
TEPS 560 or above


All applicants for exchange/visiting program must choose one college and department as their affiliation and in general, applicants choose one that most suits their academic background or study abroad purpose. Students can, however, take other unrestricted courses from different colleges and departments.


Applicants who wish to study in the discipline of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing, Music, Fine Arts, and MBA must, in advance, be advised of the program availability by SNU exchange program coordinators.

  • College of Business Administration is restricted to students who are currently majoring in business or economics at home university.
    Considering the current lack of course capacity for exchange students, CBA has decided that from Fall 2019’s admission, they will strictly control the number of accepted exchange students to CBA to provide quality education and better administrative support. In this regard, it is more likely than the past that students who apply for CBA might get rejected during the screening procedure.
  • Undergraduate applicants for Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering must have earned at least 15 credits in CSE-related courses (one credit corresponds to 15 lecture hours or 30 lab hours). This must be explicitly shown on the official transcript; if not, additional proof must be presented by the student.
    Starting from Spring 2020’s admission, CSE has decided to control the number of accepted exchange students on the undergraduate-level, due to lack of course capacity and placement. During the screening procedure, various criteria (including GPA) could be used in determining acceptance.
  • Dept. of Korean History/Psychology/Statistics/Pharmacy requires applicants to provide a proof of Korean language proficiency. A satisfactory level of Korean language ability should be Level 5 or above of the official Korean Language Proficiency Test, TOPIK.
  • College of Law is NOT available to undergraduate level students from Spring 2018.
    * School of Law, a specialized law school for graduate level students, instead, will be open to undergraduate students from Fall 2018. Please note that these undergraduate students will be enrolled as graduate (Master’s) students in SNU law school during their study.
  • Dept. of Vocal Music is restricted to students who are currently studying vocal music at home university.
  • College of Medicine is NO longer available to exchange students.
  • School of Dentistry is open only to graduate students currently enrolled in a Master’s program at School of Dentistry or the equivalent at home university.
  • Graduate School of Business (MBA program) is restricted to current full-time MBA applicants at home university. Applicants must be aware that the academic system of MBA program differs from that of other programs (Details to be individually announced from the MBA coordinator). For further information about MBA courses, please visit SNU GSB website at or contact MBA Office at

Application Procedure

Application Procedure
Semester Nomination
Screening Result
Spring August September 25 October November December
Fall February March 25 April May June

Document Submission

  • IMPORTANT NOTES :Exchange program applicants can complete application by online submission of the required documents.
  • All documents should be submitted in original or verified as an official copy (stamped), and should be in Korean or in English. If the documents are not in Korean or in English, applicants must have them translated in Korean or in English and certified and sealed by the authorized body.
  • Please be aware that SNU cannot process applications if there is any missing document or information.
The required documents for applicants are as follows:
A Online Application
Once officially nominated by home university, applicants will receive detailed information on how to log in and file an application from the designated SNU coordinator.
- Exchange program applicants should upload the scanned copies of the documents below to the application system.
B Certificate of Enrollment of Home University  
C Official Academic Transcript  
D Statement of Purpose (Free Essay in English or Korean)  
E Passport Copy (Personal Information Page) - The passport must be valid during the prospective stay in Korea.
F One Letter of Recommendation from a Professor at Home University - SNU template available
- Optional; mandatory for Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) applicants, though
- The sealed letter of recommendation must be obtained by the applicant and submitted to the exchange program coordinator. The coordinator can open the letter, scan it, and send it to the designated SNU coordinator via e-mail.
G Portfolio: Photographs of works/Recording of performances - Fine Arts, Music, and Physical Education applicants only; required to be submitted through e-mail to the SNU coordinator.

Screening Procedure

SNU OIA initially receives and reviews all applications to see if all the requirements have been met. The applications are then forwarded to the screening committee of each department that applicants chose to apply for. During the assessment, not every nominee will be successful; some may be rejected if their credentials do not meet the committee’s expectation. When the decisions are made, OIA will announce the acceptance results to all applicants and home university. Please note that OIA is not responsible for the selection process and its results.

Acceptance Package

Acceptance package encloses a Certificate of Admission (CoA, for non-Korean nationals), an official Letter of Acceptance, and other information necessary for pre-arrival. The package will be electronically sent to the accepted students shortly after the acceptance announcement.

Contact Information

  • Contact person for university-wide agreements
    Ms. Yunju Hwang, Office of International Affairs (
  • Contact persons for College or Department-level Partnerships:
    Each college and department has its own international office or a staff assigned for it.
  • The list of the university-wide partners can be found at

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