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Open a Bank Account

Location of Banks on SNU Gwanak Campus

  • Shinhan Bank
    - Location: Student Center (Bldg. 63), Shinyang Engineering (Bldg. 44-1), Next to Hoam Faculty House (Bldg. 941)
  • Woori Bank
    - Location: Shinyang Humanities (Bldg. 4), Research Building 1 (Bldg. 220), College of Natural Sciences (Bldg. 500)
  • Nonghyup (NH) Bank
    - Location: Jahayeon Cafeteria (Bldg. 109), College of Business Administration (Bldg. 59), Student Center (Bldg. 63)

Required Information to open a bank accout
- Passport
- Residence Card
- Your address in Korea
- Mobile number in Korea

You can decide which bank you are opening your account with. However, it would be convenient to choose the banks located in the campus. Please note that if you want to use you student ID card(S-Card) also as a ATM card, you must open an account at Nonghyup Bank.

Types of student who MUST create an account
It is not mandatory to own a personal Korean bank account, but it can definitely enhance benefits and conveniences. In the beginning of the semester, SNU OIA will cooperate with on-campus Shinhan Bank (Student Center branch) and offer a specially organized bank account application period for SNU international students. The following groups of students must apply for a bank account upon the start of the semester.

- Exchange students who signed up for the KLP and paid the tuition fee: Partial reimbursement of the tuition will be processed to Korean bank accounts only.
- Exchange students who are living in Gwanak Residence Halls: Monthly maintenance fee payment must be processed to Korean bank accounts only.

CMS: Automatic Payments (Graduate Students Only)

The CMS is an automatic withdrawal system that can be set up through your bank. It is a free service that enables you to link your bank account directly to Gwanak Residence Halls, so that your monthly housing fee can be automatically withdrawn.

Who is required to use CMS?
Graduate students who live in the graduate dormitories (Bldg. 900~906 & 918)

How can you sign up for it?
At the bank. You may ask for an application form for automatic withdrawals at your bank.

Tips for filling out the form
- 이용기관(Organization): 서울대학교 관악사 (Seoul National University, Gwanak Residence Halls)
- 이용기관 코드(Organization Code): 9980310536
- 납부자 번호 (Payer numbers): Student ID number
- You will also have to fill out your personal information
- Through Internet Banking: Internet banking > Utility bill (공과금법원) > Paying by giro > Apply for giro automatic payment

Closing Your Bank Account

Required documents
The account closing form should be accompanied by unused checks and check books, as well as debit and ATM cards associated with the account. Alternatively, the bank may ask the account holder to destroy the debit/ATM cards instead of returning them to the bank.

Banks prescribe a standard from for closing a bank account, which needs to be filled up citing the reason for closure. All the account holders must also sign the closure form.