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Campus Safety

On-Campus Police

The Foreign Affairs Division of the Gwanak Police Office operates a police desk within the campus. This service is open for all international students enrolled at SNU. Counseling time is from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm for odd-numbered weeks and from 2 to 4 pm for even-numbered weeks. If you cannot come within the counseling time, you can fill up a counseling card and put it into the police box provided. The officers will check your card later on and contact you.

  • Location: Language Education Institute (Bldg. 137), Room. 414
  • Contact: Kakaotalk ID @policedesk

Sexual Harassment and Other Human Rights Violations

Sexual Harassment
Sexual violence crimes including sexual harassment (verbal, physical, visual), stalking and rape, forced indecent acts
  - Location: University Cultural Center (Bldg. 73), Room 223
  - Contact: +82-2-880-2425 / +822-880-2426
  - E-mail:

Other Human Rights Violations
Various human rights issues that can occur within the school including discrimination based on race, country of origin and disability, unfair treatment due to some from of hierarchy and abuse, verbal abuse and harassment.
  - Location: Doore Cultural Center (Bldg. 67), Room 103
  - Contact: +82-2-880-2422 / +82-2-880-2423
  - E-mail:


Emergency Management

It is required that all international students keep with themselves the contact information of the embassy of their nationality.