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Student Organizations

Student Organization Activities

Student Union

The SNU Student Union carries out student organization activities with undergraduate enrolled students as members. The Student Union actively contributes to social development, the strengthening of solidarity between the students and realize the value of higher education. Elections for the Student Union president and vice president are in principle held in November. When the Student Union elections do not take place, the College Student Union president and the Student Club Association president composes a committee to fill the role of the Student Union president. Then, the elections are held again the following March. Refer to the Student Union homepage for more information.

Course Registration

Log on to the course registration website during the following periods (5 days).

Credit Limits

Students are allowed to take maximum 9 credits in summer and 6 credits in winter semesters.

Student Club/Society

There are a number of student activities and sports clubs at SNU, including musical bands, choir, orchestra, dance, painting, photography, student newspaper, traditional Korean music, travel clubs and SNU International Students Association (SISA) . Sports clubs ranging from fencing, golf, basketball, rugby, scuba-diving, snowboard, ski, horse riding, baseball, yacht, judo, kendo, soccer, taekwondo, tennis, etc. Refer to the Student Club Association homepage for more information.

International Students Association

The International Students Association is a student organization established for the rights and interests of the campus life of SNU international students. The International Students Association homepage provides information on academic and life and various events for the exchange between international students and domestic students such as the international food festival, sports festival, welcome party. Also, all domestic students are welcome to all the events.

SNU International Students Association (SISA)

The SISA was founded in 2007 by a group of enthusiastic international students with the support of the Office of Student Affairs. SISA is the main and only official student body that represents and supports international student at SNU. Its aim is to make life easy and comfortable for international students, protect their rights, communicate the students’ needs with the administration offices, etc. Each year, SISA organizes a number of events such as the International Students Sports Festival, Student Ambassadors’ Meeting, International Food Festival, SISA Party and culture trips all around Korea.

SISA also provides international and Korean students opportunities to participate in volunteering activities.

International Student Organization (ISO)

ISO represents students from different nations and cultural backgrounds. Its aim is to integrate international students with each other, with Korean students and with the University Community, as well as to assist Foreign Students in the transition into Korean culture.

SNU Buddy

SNU Buddy is a volunteer group that helps foreign exchange students adjust to life in Korea and make friends. SNU Buddy focuses on finding ways to build bonds between SNU students and international students by ‘Buddy Matching’. The Buddy Matching program is hugely popular with both international and Korean students and has received strong positive feedback from students who participated in the program. The Buddy Matching program is the backbone of the SNU Buddy program.

SNU Buddy organizes social gathering events all year round such as International Opening Party (IOP) where you can meet SNU Buddy members, Office Pub, Membership Training (MT). These activities extend to outdoors sports events such as SNU Buddy Olympics, rafting, hiking and trekking. SNU Buddy activities builds memories of unforgettable experiences and lasting friendship. If you are looking to have fun and make awesome friends in Korea, SNU Buddy is right for you.

During Fall 2020, all SNU Buddy activities must comply with the latest COVID-19 social distancing measures and gathering in a large group is strictly prohibited. More detailed information on activities schedule will be notified by SNU Buddy.