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Campus Tours FAQs

SNU Student Ambassadors (SSA) is an official student organization under the Office of International Affairs (OIA). We exist to serve as a bridge between for international students and aid foreign dignitaries and guests who visit SNU. We manage a wide range of activities from providing protocol and campus tour services for guests to organizing events in which foreign and local students in SNU can get socially engaged. SNU Student Ambassadors (SSA) consists of undergraduate students qualified to represent SNU, equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the campus, communication skills, and professional etiquette. With the SSA, visitors will be able to understand the essence of Seoul National University, Korea’s leading educational institute in today’s global community.
A campus tour is one of the services officially provided by SSA for guests visiting SNU. It is different from conventional guided tours, since the campus tour focuses on educational purposes, neither on entertainment, nor on tourism. With detailed explanations provided by SSA, guests will visit important spots of SNU during the campus tour, gain up-to-date information and take a look at our campus life. 
If you wish to visit SNU, please register 1 week prior to the day of visit. Since our campus tour is based on the volunteering system of ambassadors, it requires time to be arranged. Therefore, please understand that you will not be able to sign up for campus tours if there is less than 1 week left until your tour date.
If groups want to visit SNU on a specific tour time that has either been filled or never been open, please contact the student ambassadors (via for a separate arrangement.
On this website, there is an online form through which you can sign up for a campus tour. Please fill out all the blanks provided and write down any specific requests if you have special needs. After we check your request, an email will be sent to finally confirm the tour date and schedule.
Please notify us in advance if you wish to visit specific places on our campus. However, this might not always be possible. Student Ambassadors will show you the way to those sites after the tour. In case you and your team wish to see the inside of Kyujanggak or the library, please sign up for a separate tour for each of the sites via our main website (
If you have changes to your schedule or if you have to cancel the tour, please let us know at least two days before the designated date or cancel the tour on the registration page. We will try to accommodate your needs as best as we can. Please be sure that on the tour day, if you are late for more than 15 minutes without any early notice, the tour will automatically be cancelled.
We do not set a limit to the exact number of visitors in principle. However, please know that since we have a limited number of student ambassadors who can guide the tour, there might be a limit to the number of people each time. If you are visiting SNU in a large group (more than 60 people), your groups will be divided into smaller groups for smoother facilitation. Please contact us via email( one or two months beforehand if you are visiting in a large group (more than 60 people) or if you have any questions regarding this issue.
SSA campus tours are regularly available during weekdays. As our student ambassadors are also full-time students at Seoul National University, campus tours outside of our regular tour times may be provided ONLY IF student ambassadors are available to guide the tour at the given time. Please do contact us if you have any further questions related to the campus tours outside of our regular campus tour times, and we will try our best to accommodate your group.
Since we only offer walking tours, visitors should be aware that our hour-long campus tour can be tough for children or the handicapped. In that case, some facilities may be difficult to visit. It will help the student ambassadors to arrange the campus tour route if you inform us about your difficulties in advance. We will try our best to provide you with a fulfilling tour so please feel free to ask any questions.
When you sign up for the tour, an email will be sent to notify you on the meeting location and time for the tour. Usually, the tour starts near the CJ International Center (Building #152), which is the main building of the Office of International Affairs (OIA). However, this can be changed upon your requests. If you have trouble finding the pre-arranged meeting location, please feel free to call us for help. The student ambassadors will be waiting for you at the pre-arranged meeting location.
Some locations may be excluded from the tour routine, but other than that, the tour will be conducted normally. If the weather is severe, we will provide an indoor presentation about the campus and arrange time for networking.
All campus tour services are provided in English. Under special circumstances where none of the guests is comfortable with English, please notify us ahead and we would try our best to provide services in other languages available. (i.e. Chinese, Spanish, etc.) Please understand that the alternative may not always be provided.
The tour should take about 1 hour and 15 minutes. However, our tour course is quite flexible that for most of the time it can be altered to meet the needs of the visitors.
If you cannot arrive on time, you need to contact us in advance via email or phone. Please know that the tour will be cancelled if you are late for more than 15 minutes.
Campus tours provided by SSA is free of charge. If you are willing to make purchases at the souvenir shops, there would be additional expenses.
SNU Student Ambassadors only provide walking tours for guests as many of the important sites on campus can be approached only by walking tours. Indoor tour sessions are also available for guests if you request in advance via email. Nevertheless, indoor tour sessions are mainly for those who are more interested in international programs held in Seoul National University.
If you have any additional questions regarding Seoul National University, please contact us via email ( or the Office of International Affairs  ( However, personal email addresses of any student ambassador will not be disclosed.
Various dining facilities are located near each college in Seoul National University. School cafeterias and restaurants on campus exist for students and guests. Restaurants that are close to the Office of International Affairs include Tenkaippin (Japanese cuisine), Pho Pho In (Vietnamese cuisine), and Lounge-O (Italian cuisine).
Seoul National University is publicly open for all non-affiliated guests. No early notices for individual visits are needed.
Souvenir items can be purchased at the Student Center (Building 63) or the Asia Center (Building 101). The tour will contain a stop in one of the two locations.