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SNU OIA would like to assist you upon your visit to the OIA Office. We also want to have all ready and prepared for you prior to your visit.

To make an appointment to visit the OIA Office. Please click the appointment icon next to the person in charge to make a reservation.

Kindly keep in mind that our assistance will be limited without the appointment.

List of Contact
Position Tasks Name Phone No. Email Appointment
Vice President   Prof. Theresa Seung Ah Cho 82-2-880-5859


Deputy Vice President   Prof. Sun-Young Kim 82-2-880-2583


Managing Director   Ms. Jeong Hwa Lee 82-2-880-2584


Executive Director

  Ms. Minjeong Koo 82-2-880-8635  
International Education
Director International Education
Ms. Sunju Park 82-2-880-8692


Manager SNU in the World Program (SWP) Ms. Sooeem You 82-2-880-2585


Manager International Summer Program (ISP) Mr. Siwoo Yoo 82-2-880-4449


Manager International Summer Program (ISP)
SNU in the World (SWP)
Promotion of International Education Programs
Ms. Sohyun Kang 82-2-880-4449


Manager Exchange/Visiting Program (Inbound)
Summer/Winter's Visiting Student Program for Foreign Students
Ms. Yunju Hwang 82-2-880-4357


Manager Exchange Student Program (Outbound)
SAF Visiting Program (Outbound)
Ms. Hyunjoo Bae 82-2-880-2594


Manager Scholarships for Exchange Students (In/Outbound)
SNU Buddy
Ms. Moonkyung Baik 82-2-880-2594


Manager Study Abroad Program (SAP) (Outbound)
International Internship Program (Outbound)
Ms. Yoori Kim 82-2-880-4357


International Cooperation
Director Planning & Management of Service for International Faculty and Students Ms. Hyunjung Park 82-2-880-4447


Manager KGSP Scholarship Ms. Areum Lee 82-2-880-8638


Manager International Conferences
Protocol of Visits (In/Outbound)
Ms. Hongji Kim 82-2-880-8637


Manager International Conferences
Protocol of Visits (In/Outbound)
Mr. Sunwoong Choi 82-2-880-8637


Manager Protocol of Visits (In/Outbound)
SNU Student Ambassador & Campus Tours
Ms. Sihun Ahn 82-2-880-8636


Manager Scholarships for International Students Ms. Jinsol Maeng 82-2-880-2519


Manager Accounting Ms. Lanha Kim 82-2-880-8635


Manager Visa & Immigration for International Students
Support Service for International Students

Ms. Chaeeun Lee
Ms. Jungwon Kim




Manager Suppport Service for International Faculty
Ms. Hyoryun Song 82-2-880-8636


Manager Brain Korea 21 [FOUR]
One-Stop Services (SNUgle-i)
Ms. Eunbi An 82-2-880-8633


January, 2023