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Immigration Duties & Permit

All non-Korean students at SNU must fully comply with immigration duties that are required by laws and policies of Ministry of Justice.

Immigration Duties

General Inquiries

Dial +82-1345 (Direct Call to Immigration Office, Korean/English speaking)
HiKorea website, SNU OIA website

Report of Change in Foreign Resident Registration Information

After the foreign resident registration, if there are any changes in your personal information (such as, residential address and passport number), you must report it to the immigration office within 14 days from the date of change. This application is free of charge and can be filed by visiting the immigration office (reservation required), visiting the local district office (e.g. community service center), or online through HiKorea website. Unless you report it within 14 days, you may be fined.

Alteration of Residence

When you move your residential place before you leave Korea, you must report the change in your address to the immigration office within 14 days from the move-in date that is stated on the contract.

Change of Information on the Foreign Resident Registration

If there occurs any change in your personal information, especially your passport number, you must report it to the immigration office within 14 days.

Re-entry Permit

As of June 1, 2020, all long-term foreign residents in Korea are required to obtain a re-entry permit before leaving Korea. This also applies to foreign residents with permanent residency (F-5 visa). Overseas Koreans (F-4) are exempt. Fully-vaccinated long-term residents can now apply for a multi-entry, re-entry permit and the application fee is waived. You can apply for the permit online. See SNU OIA website for detailed procedure. 

Required documents:
  - An application form
  - Passport
  - Residence Card

Part-time Work Permit

International students may work part-time and earn an income during their study at SNU. Part-time work must be conducted under a permission of the immigration office. If you work without a permission, you will immediately get fined and may be deported depending on the degree of violation of laws.

To file an application at the immigration office, you must in advance have your application form signed by SNU OIA. Since the entire process towards the final approval may take more than a month, it is requested that willing applicants should contact SNU OIA to inform their plan at least a month before they start working.

How to get permission

The applicant arranges a part-time job or internship individually and sign a contract
The applicant and the officials from the intended place of work fill out a part-time work of foreign student confirmation form together.
The applicant contacts SNU OIA with all the required documents and acquires an approval for the application (signed by SNU OIA).
The applicant makes a visit reservation at the immigration office and files an application.


You can start working after the part-time work permit is granted. This means the date of application must be earlier than the starting date of the part-time work stated on the application form. For more information on eligibility, restrictions and the list of required documents, see Part-time Work page or call +82-1345.