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Overseas Koreans Scholarship

Overseas Koreans Scholarship


Overseas Korean students who wish to take graduate degrees at SNU


※ Full tuition exemption for a maximum of 4 semesters (Only when conditions are met)

Application Period

February or March(Once a year, Recruitment period is about one month)

Selection Procedure

Applicants submit applications(apply online and print) and other documents to Korean embassies in their countries ▶ the embassies make the first selection ▶ the Overseas Koreans Foundation make the second selection


※ The latest announcement on this scholarship can be found only via the foundation’s website.


Overseas Koreans Foundation: (Korean)
※ Scholarship packages are subject to change depending on the circumstances of the supporting organization.

"Thank You" from Scholarship Recipients

Really thanks for the Scholarship. It provided me with an environment in which I could concentrate on studying, away from the economic burden. I will cherish the opportunity and strive to achieve good results.

장려은/Zhang Lien
장려은/Zhang Lien
College of Social Science /Anthropology (Fall 2018)
SNU Global scholarship/Overseas Koreans Scholarship

Being able to obtain this scholarship has allowed me to enjoy life at Seoul National University to the fullest. Not only has it put off leverage in managing finances while studying and reaching academic goals but has given me time to connect with colleagues and befriend acquaintances. It has been an honor to receive these benefits as a scholar and I hope to repay this honor in the future by becoming a figure that can contribute to the greater good.

Arthur Kyoungsuk Lee
Arthur Kyoungsuk Lee
Civil & Environmental Engineering (Fall 2017~spring 2018)
Overseas Koreans Scholarship (Fall 2017-Spring 2018)