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AUA-IIT Bombay Overseas Study Program 2023 Systems Biology 안내

Submitted by Editor on 26 May 2023

우리대학의 협력기관인 AUA에서 다음과 같이 안내하오니, 관심있는 학생들의 많은 지원 바랍니다. 


AUA-IIT Bombay Overseas Study Program 2023 Systems Biology: A Quantitative Way to Tackle Disease Regulations for a Futuristic Public Healthcare System

It is a program conducted in person. Systems biology is an exciting interdisciplinary and quantitative approach that provides systematic ways to understand various biological regulations and paves the way to formulate such personalized treatment strategies for different disease regulations to create a futuristic public healthcare system in the future. In this course, we will cover various aspects of Systems biology by highlighting how it can help in understanding certain complex biological regulations (for example, novel therapeutics developments in combating Cancer and maintenance of stemness of stem cells and controlling their developmental dynamics) quantitatively by suggesting therapeutic measures.


문의: 국제협력본부 김유리 (, 02-880-4357), 프로그램 관련

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