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APRU SDG Education for Global Citizenship - APRU SDG4GC 안내

Submitted by Editor on 1 May 2023
APRU SDG Education
APRU SDG Education-Osaka University

1 November 2022 – 20 March 2023 - Online Program


The APRU SDG4GC is an intercultural, transdisciplinary and interactive program that fosters global citizenship among students from 60 universities in 19 economies across the Pacific Rim. Co-designed by six core-partner universities in collaboration with the United Nations (UN), the program builds knowledge of global issues and global literacy among students. This is achieved through learning about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), exploring in-depth some of the world’s biggest challenges, and proposing solutions using a framework for collaborative development of social innovation prototypes. The program places critical importance in introducing locally embedded unique case studies among the network members to help students develop a broad array of perspectives and deepen understandings of the SDGs.

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