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Asian Universities Network Scholarship (AUNS)


AUNS Supports students from designated universities (listed below) to study Korean language at the Korean Language Education Center of Language Education Institute(LEI), SNU. Applicants must be recommended by their university prior to the application.

Spring Semester Fall Semester
Sakhalin State University
National University of Mongolia
National University of Laos
Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City
Vietnam National University - Hanoi City
Chulalongkorn University

Details of the Award

• Application Period : June for fall admission, December for spring admission • Number of Recipients : 6 • Amount and Duration of Award
AUNS for Korean Language Program
Tuition 1 year (4 sessions) Full Tuition Fee
Living Expenses 600,000 KRW monthly
Dormitory 280,000 KRW monthly
Airfare round trip maximum of 1 million KRW

Required Documents

  1. An official letter of recommendation from the university
  2. A letter of recommendation from a professor
  3. A Study Plan (written in English or Korean)
  4. A Certificate of Enrollment from a current university
  5. An Official Transcript
  6. CV and Statement of Purpose (written in English or Korean)
  7. A copy of passport

Contact Information


"Thank You" from Scholarship Recipients

Receiving the AUNS scholarship has given a great opportunity to me. Thanks to this generosity I have been able to pursue my dream and goals for the future. The contribution of the scholarship was an essential part that enabled me to be able to study in Korea without overbearing financial burdens. I will always appreciate and be grateful for this program.

Vongthavanh Phithavanh National University of Laos, Department of Korean language Asian University Network Scholarship(AUNS)

Undergraduate Program

I am sincerely honored to have been selected as the recipient of the AUNS. I would like to express my gratitude for receiving This scholarship. Because of this scholarship, not only my Korean language skill improved it’s given me the opportunity to communicate with other students who come from different language and culture background that allow me to learn something new also.

Sophaphone Sundara Korean Language Regular Program at LEI (Winter2017~Winter2018) Asian Universities Network Scholarship(AUNS) (Winter 2017~ Winter 2018)

Undergraduate Program

Asia University Network Scholarship has brought to me precious experiences and a lot of new friends. The life here has taught me interesting lessons about Korean culture that cannot be learnt through books. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to grow up and complete myself.

Do Hong Hanh Asia University Network Scholarship (Winter 2018~Summer 2019)  

Undergraduate Program

Being able to live and experience my life in Korea is the best opportunity for me that I have got from becoming the ‘AUNS Scholarship Student’. This gratitude opportunity provides me not only the chance to widen my Korean language skill, but also the biggest chance for me to step into the reality. I will always appreciate and be grateful to myself for the great opportunity from this program.

Kitinut Onsee Asian Universities Network Scholarship (AUNS) (Fall 2018~Summer 2019)  

Undergraduate Program

First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and deep appreciation to SNU President, the OIA and the staff for giving me a wonderful opportunity to study in Korea and to have various Korean cultural experience as well. I am currently majoring in Korean Studies with hopes of becoming a Korean - Vietnamese teacher and translator. Your generous assistance has lightened up all my financial burdens, which allows me to invest more my time for studying and train myself to be more confident as I get a closer step to my dream job. Thank you again for your support. I hope that one day, as a Korean teacher, I will be able to inspire and help Vietnamese students who are interested in learning Korean and studying in Korea to fulfill their dream just as you have helped me.

Vuong Nhat Vy Asian Universities Network Scholarship (AUNS) (Fall 2018~Summer 2019)  

Undergraduate Program

It's an unbelievable dream that I've ever received, this scholarship has changed my life forever, I Truly appreciated this scholarship because it helped me to be able to study abroad in one of the best University in this entire world, without stress and I am able to pursue my dream, conquer the goals and direct me to the brighter future, it's a truly worthy contribution for the students. it's the most worth and grateful thing that has ever had in my life.

Xaiyavong Bobbie Asian University Network Scholarship (AUNS) (Spring 2019 - Spring 2020)  

Undergraduate Program

Involved to this scholarship, I accumulate a lot of lifeskills and useful experiences. Also I learning so many Korean traditional culture and lifestyles. By the way I became a lot of foreign friends. I'm so thankful to this scholarship, thank you!

Odsuren Zunduidovdon Asian Universities Network Scholarship(Spring 2019)  

Undergraduate Program

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and deep appreciation for having been chosen as a recipient of the AUNS. Not only did this scholarship provide me an opportunity to widen my Korean language skills, but it also taught me valuable lessons about Korean culture which cannot be learned through books.

Le Thi Phuong Korean Language Regular Program at LEI (Fall 2019~Winter 2019) Asian Universities Network Scholarship (AUNS) (Fall 2019~Winter 2019)

Le Thi Phuong

AUNS scholarship has charged my life forever. It's given me the best opportunity to study abroad in one of the best University in this entire world. Not only my korean language skills improve and i has a lot of life skills and good experience in korea. And it's given a chance to communicate with foreign friends, i am so thankful this scholarship thankyou!

Sonesinxay Sayfonh National University of Laos, Department of Korean language 2017 – 2021 Asian University Network Scholarship (AUNS) (Spring2020 - Spring 2021)

Sonesinxay Sayfonh

I would like to express my deep sense of gratitude to AUNS, SNU LEI and OIA for giving me an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pursue my academic study in Korea without any financial burdens. Thanks to this golden chance, I have not only improved my Korean significantly through interesting lectures, but also broadened my understanding of Korean Culture with nummerous extra-curricular activities such as cooking, traditional music instruments playing, etc. Moreover, I have established a close-knit relationship with friends from different cultural backgrounds which enables me to become one of our hometown’s culture ambassador. I am greatly proud of being a scholarship beneficiary and I will definitely make use of this to achieve my academic goal and fulfil my social responsibility in the future.

Chau Soc Chanh Asian Universities Network Scholarship (AUNS)  

Chau Soc Chanh

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to SNU and OIA for giving me this precious opportunity. It is an unbelievable dream for me. I am very honored to have been selected as one of the recipients of AUNS. I have been learning lots of things in this new environment. In only one year not only my Korean skills but also my knowledge of different cultures has improved and expanded greatly. Because of this scholarship I can improve myself, communicate with Korean people, teachers, and international classmates in Korean everyday, and learn about Korean society through news on my own. I pay attention more and more to make sure that I experience everything and gain knowledge in order to go forward onto my next step in life. I know everything I have received from this opportunity will be fulfilling and lead to my success in life. Sincerely, thank you.

Supakit Fuangchongmanee Korean Language Education Center of LEI (Fall 2019~Summer 2020) Asian Universities Network Scholarship (AUNS) (Fall 2019~Summer 2020)

Supakit Fuangchongmanee

May 13, 2020