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In Effect until June 13: Revised Level 2 Social Distancing Measures Ef…

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Date20-11-23 13:55 Hit3,541


In light of the recent spread of COVID-19 in the Seoul Metropolitan Region, Social Distancing Measures have been raised to Level 2, effective from November 24 to December 7, 2020. The recent administrative order that imposes facemask requirement is being compulsory from November 13. 

==> Level 2 Social Distancing Measures are in effect from February 15 to 28, and until March 28.


* Social Distancing Measures now consist of 5 different levels, ranging from Level 1, Level 1.5, Level 2, Level 2.5, and Level 3.

** Large private businesses will now be grouped as follows.

O Priority facilities (9 types): bars, clubs, karaoke rooms, indoor concert halls, restaurants and coffee shops (including regular restaurants, diners, and bakeries)

O Regular facilities (14 types): internet cafes, wedding halls, funeral services, academies, vocational training facilities, saunas, concert halls, movie theaters, advertisement parks/water parks, arcades, indoor gyms, hair salons, shops/marts/department stores, study cafes

O Other facilities: Rest of the indoor facilities


Under Level 2 social distancing measures (effective from November 24 to December 7),

(Addition for Level 1.5: blue-colored; addition for Level 2: red-colored)

★ Private gatherings/parties/events that hold more than 5 persons are prohibited and such gatherings at restaurants are prohibitied. (penalties imposed)

★ When you are on campus, wear a facemask at all times when indoors and also outdoors when it involves high-risk activities. Group events that hold more than 100 persons are prohibited. When onboard at transportation vehicles, you cannot eat food.


1. For large facilities,

(1) At Priority Facilities, core quarantine guidelines must be observed.

  - During 10 pm to 5 am, only delivery and takeaways are allowed at restaurants and cafes.

  - At restaurants and cafes, more than two persons who dine for coffee/beverages/desserts are strongly advised to stay inside less than 1 hour.

(2) Regular Facilities operate normally; basic quarantine guidelines must be observed.

  - At indoor gyms, dining is not allowed; gyms are required to be shut down after 10 pm.

  - At wedding halls and hair salons, the number of users is limited and a certain distance must be kept; a wedding can accommodate up to 100 persons and a hair salon must leave two empty seats between each seat.

(3) Other Facilities operate normally.

(4) Public Facilities can allow audiences of up to 50% of the capacity.

(5) Social Welfare Facilities (including childcare centers) operate under strict quarantine measures.


2. For daily routines,

(1) Facemask requirement applies at priority/regular facilities, public transportation, medical facilities, pharmacies, care centers,

rallys, indoor sports stadiums, and high-risk businesses. + outdoor sports stadium

(2) Events that hold more than 500 persons must be reported with the local authorities and operate under quarantine guidelines.

  - Rallys, festivals, large concerts, and academic conferences that hold more than 100 persons are prohibited.

(3) Sports events will allow up to 50% of the capacity.

(4) When on board at public transporation (bus, taxi, subway, etc.), facemask requirement applies.

(5) Schools may allow two-third of their students to stay at school.

(6) Religious services must leave a space between each seat. Dining and gathering by groups are to be refrained.

(7) The number of commuters to wokplaces is recommended to be restricted, for example, to its one-five.



​In compliance with the measures, individuals are strongly advised to comply with COVID-19 prevention guidelines: 


1. Stay home if you feel ill or develop COVID-19's suspected symptoms (fever, sore throats, etc.).


2. Stay home unless it is necessary (visits to hospital, necessary grocery shopping, workplaces, etc.) and postpone or cancel group gatherings, trips, or events.

 - Have your meal delivered, rather than eating out. 

* There has been an increased number of infected cases who dined out; group gatherings that involve dining are strongly recommended to be cancelled.

 - Workout at home, rather than going to gyms.

 - Stay in touch with your friends or colleagues on a non-face-to-face basis, rather than meeting in person.

 - Shop online, rather than shopping at a mall.


3. When staying outdoors, wear a mask all the time and avoid visiting crowded and unventilated indoor places.

 - Wear a mask at all times while being indoors and also outdoors when it is not possible to keep a 2m distance from others.

* Activities that lead to taking off a mask (eating, singing, etc.) are to be suspended.

 - Keep a 2m (at least 1m) distance from others.

 - Activities that lead to respiratory droplets (shouting, singing aloud, etc.) and physical contacts between people (handshakes, hugs, etc.) are to be suspended.