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Level 1 Social Distancing Guideline (October 12 onward) (사회적 거리두기 1단계 …

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Date20-10-16 17:13 Hit1,762




In light of the recent COVID-19 situation in Seoul Metropolitan Region (Seoul, Gyeonggi, Incheon), Korean government has lowered the social distancing guideline to LEVEL 1, from October 12, 2020, while maintaining some strict quarantine measures for large-sized facilities.

* For Level 2 social distancing guideline, which had been in effect from August 16, please find it here.


1. Large gatherings and events, with estimated attendees of more than 50 people indoors and 100 people outdoors, need to be refrained. (1 person per 4m2)


2. Audience of up to 30 percent of stadium capacity will be allowed at sports events.


3. Indoor public facilities, including libraries, galleries, and museums can operate with allowing visitors of up to 50 percent of capacity.


4. Private businesses designated as high-risk facilities (bars, karaoke businesses, clubs, indoor event halls, indoor gyms that offer GX activities, such as zumba, taebo, and spinning, large academies (hakwon), buffets) must operate under the strict quarantine measures.

* Local district offices may include additional types.

** Door-to-door sales services remain closed and five types of entertainment facilities must observe strengthened quarantine measures, including limiting the number of visitors.



5. Despite not being listed as high-risk facilities, sixteen types of indoor private businesses must operate under the strict quarantine measures.


* restaurants/diners/bakeries, study cafes, private academies (hakwon, less than 300 persons), arcades, water parks/amusement parks, religious facilities (except for churches), indoor wedding venues, concert halls, movie theaters, indoor gyms, spas and saunas, indoor game/DVD theaters (multi-bang, DVD-bang), internet cafes, funeral services

** Local district offices may include additional types.

6. Religious services are allowed for churches, but the number of visitors is limited up to 30% of room capacity and it is prohibited to gather or dine together.

​7. Welfare and childcare centers can operate normally.

8. Public organizations and institutions must restrict the number of commuters through flexible/remote working modePrivate companies and businesses are also recommended to restrict the number of commuters in a similar way.



​In compliance with the measures, individuals are strongly advised to comply with COVID-19 prevention guidelines: 


1. Stay home if you feel ill or develop COVID-19's suspected symptoms (fever, sore throats, etc.).


2. Stay home unless it is necessary (visits to hospital, necessary grocery shopping, workplaces, etc.) and postpone or cancel group gatherings, trips, or events.

 - Have your meal delivered, rather than eating out. 

* There has been an increased number of infected cases who dined out; group gatherings that involve dining are strongly recommended to be cancelled.

 - Workout at home, rather than going to gyms.

 - Stay in touch with your friends or colleagues on a non-face-to-face basis, rather than meeting in person.

 - Shop online, rather than shopping at a mall.


3. When staying outdoors, wear a mask all the time and avoid visiting crowded and unventilated indoor places.

 - Wear a mask at all times while being indoors and also outdoors when it is not possible to keep a 2m distance from others.

* Activities that lead to taking off a mask (eating, singing, etc.) are to be suspended.

 - Keep a 2m (at least 1m) distance from others.

 - Activities that lead to respiratory droplets (shouting, singing aloud, etc.) and physical contacts between people (handshakes, hugs, etc.) are to be suspended.