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Nov 13 UPDATED: Facemask Requirement and Mobile Questionnaire on Campu…

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Facemask Requirement


Updates as of November 13


When indoors, one must wear a facemask at all times.

When outdoors,

  (1) where crowds gather (rallys, concerts/performances, events), one must wear a facemask at all times, regardless of the level of social distancing measures; 

  (2) otherwise, one must wear a facemask when it is difficult to keep a distance of 2m from others.

* Where it involves unidentified crowds or high-risk group of people, penalties may be imposed if one does not wear a facemask.


When indoors, one does not have to wear a mask when staying in an isolated place (home, office, etc.) or staying with a family member or roommate.

When outdoors, one does not have to wear a mask when it is possible to keep a 2m distance from others (jogging, walking, etc.).

Also, for activities that cannot be done with wearing a mask (dining, swimming, sauna, washing faces and brushing teeth, giving a performance, sports match, etc.), one does not have to wear a mask.


Penalties can be imposed from November 13, when one does not wear a facemask at a facemask required place*, even after being advised to wear one on site. Also, penalties may be imposed when one wears an unauthorized facemask or one does not completely cover their nose and mouth.

* For SNU campus, priority facilities (restaurants, diners, bakeries, and all places larger than 150m2) and regular faciltiies (wedding halls, indoor gyms, hair salons) are included.



Updates as of October 13

From October 13, penalties may be imposed for not wearing a facemask or not having your mouth and nose completely covered at the following locations:

Gathering-limited facilities - Employers, Workers, Users

Public Transportation - Drivers, Users

Mass Rally - Hosts, Workers, Participants

Medical Facilities - Workers, Users

Welfare/Care Facilities - Workers



When you dine or drink; when in pool or sauna; for personal hygiene activities (wash face, brush teeth, etc.); for medical treatment that cannot be held when wearing a facemask; for art performance (only on stage), broadcasting (for personal broadcasting, only in personal space), official photographs, and sign language interpreting among others




In compliance with the COVID-19 code of conduct and the recent administrative order on compulsory wearing of a facemask in Seoul, it is required to wear a facemask indoors at all times, and it goes the same when you visit any campus building. Wearing a facemask is also required outdoors when it is difficult to keep a 2m distance from others.


In Korea, it is also mandatory to wear a facemask on any type of public transportation. Those who refuse to wear a facemask will not be allowed to board. This policy applies to campus shuttles as well. 



On-campus Mobile Questionnaire




For Gwanak campus, from September 1, all SNU members must fill out a mobile questionnaire before boarding the campus shuttle. One can access the questionnaire through the QR code, URL or SNU mobile app (SNU support > Shuttlebus Questionnaire) and must choose the particular shuttle route and fill it out with the name and mobile number.

To enter a campus building, visitors must wear a mask and use the hand sanitizer at the entry. The majority of campus buildings require visitors to fill out the mobile questionnaire. One can access the questionnaire through the QR code, URL or SNU mobile app (SNU support > Mobile Questionnaire). In the questionnaire, the visitor must choose the particular campus building number they visit and fill it out with the name, mobile number, and the purpose of the visit. 

- Some offices, including SNU OIA, are restricted only to those who make a prior appointment by phone or e-mail.

Campus facilities, including libraries, cafeterias, and sports facilities, operate on a limited basis. Changes in operation are regularly updated here.


Use “Seoul National University” mobile app for more conveniences!

Through the mobile app, you can make an easy, direct access to all on-campus services and support and quickly check the latest news and updates.


1. Download “Seoul National University” mobile application. (Android Google Play/App Store)

2. Login with your mySNU ID and password.

3. Go to “Settings” > Change Language Settings.

4. Explore the app!


COVID-19-related Features

SNU Mail: Check your SNU webmail directly.

eTL: Access your eTL classrooms directly.

COVID-19 Board: Direct to SNU OIA’s COVID-19 Information Board.

COVID-19 Health Questionnaire: Fill out a mobile questionnaire for entry to a campus building.

Shuttlebus Questionnaire: (Available under SNU Support) Fill out a questionnaire before boarding the shuttle.