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Privacy and Security Issues for Real-Time Online Classes (실시간 온라인 강의 보…

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작성자 SNU OIA 작성일20-04-17 13:50 조회889회


[Office of Student Affairs & Human Rights Center]


To the students of Seoul National University,


It has been a month since a majority of the classes have been moved to online platforms

to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus and ensure the safety of both the SNU faculty and students. We understand that there have been a number of difficulties during this process of transition. We would like to sincerely extend our gratitude for your cooperation and understanding for the measures undertaken in condition of wealth and safety.


The transition from face-to-face to online lectures through ZOOM has been undertaken not only in Korea but all over the world. While the technology has its benefits, it is also not without fault. In our university lately there have been concerns regarding privacy and security, so we hope to address some of these issues.


Regardless of the lecture format it is expected that personal rights of the lecturer and fellow students are always respected. The act of taking pictures of or recording a person without their permission can be seen as a violation of the personal rights and privacy. Consequently, the use and circulation of such unlawful filming and photography are viewed as the violation of aforementioned rights. Therefore, we request you to adhere to the guidelines outlined below during your online classes.


- First, do not take and/or circulate pictures and/or videos of your lecturer and fellow classmates.

- Second, do not share material unrelated to class with your fellow classmates during classes.

- Third, ensure that no private information is on display when screen-sharing for a presentation in class.

- Fourth, update ZOOM to its latest version for security.

- Fifth, do not share the ZOOM password for your lecture with people other than your classmates.


We wish you to be in good health during this corona pandemic, and ask you to contact the below mentioned numbers for any problems regarding online classes.



Office in charge

Person in charge

Contact Info


Division of Educational Affairs

Kwon Jin Ah,

Lee Seo Kyeong


Assistance with ZOOM such as using Video conferencing, etc

Office of Information Systems and Technology

Park Jeong Wook


Email inquiry

Homepage Notice board

User Interface and Electronic Devices for Online Lectures

Academic Affairs Division at each Department or College

Staff in charge of academic or student affairs at each college/department



Thank you,


Hyojee JOUNG, Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Sangwon LEE, Director of SNU Human Rights Center