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Dec 8 UPDATED: SNU's COVID-19 Response Manual (서울대학교 코로나19 대응 매뉴얼)

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Date20-03-05 16:27 Hit5,422



Please note that this manual may contain strengthened measures than the general guideline's for the public.


Content (Full text available in the attachment.)

1. Report Duties and Procedure

2. Campus Risk Management Plan

3. Response Plan for Suspected Patients and Symptomatic Cases (revised on December 8)

4. Response Plan for Confirmed Patients (revised on December 8)

5. SNU COVID-19 Response Team

6. Self-Isolation Guideline


If you have traveled abroad or been associated with domestic mass infection cases and develop a fever or respiratory symptoms (cough, shortening of breath, etc.), you must go to state-designated medical facilities or call the KCDC call center (1339), Dasan Seoul Call Center (Area code+120), or local community health center immediately, and report it to SNU (Health Service Center 02-880-5340, Emergency Response Team 02-880-5342).





□ On-campus COVID-19 Preliminary Examination Room Information
SNU Health Service Center has launched a COVID-19 preliminary examination room in front of its entrance (Bldg. 63, Student Center). Those who develop a fever or feel unsure whether they have any suspected symptoms are welcome to visit the room between 9 am to 6 pm. (For lunchtime between 12:00 – 13:00, contact the emergency response team.)