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Non-face-to-face Class Extended Indefinitely (비대면 수업 무기한 연장)

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작성자 SNU OIA 작성일20-04-03 10:38 조회1,001회


Extension of Non-face-to-face Classes

April 2, 2020

Office of Academic Affairs

In accordance with the recently strengthened social distancing policy, it is now inevitable to extend the non-face-to-face class period at SNU. 

- For theory-based lectures, non-face-to-face classes are maintained until further notice, which may last until the end of the semester depending on the situation.

- For experiments/lab sessions/practices-based classes, whether face-to-face classes can start (at least marginally) will be reviewed after the social distance policy is concluded and after we ensure necessary quarantine measures. To fulfill the lecture hour requirement, additional make-up classes may be held until July 24. 


Final exams must be held, but midterms may be conducted in the non-face-to-face manner at the discretion of the instructors.

Considering that the learning environment may vary greatly, it is recommended to to carry out an absolute evaluation.