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Non-face-to-face Class Extended to April 12 (비대면 수업 연장)

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Date20-03-23 21:25 Hit2,197


Extension of Non-face-to-face Classes

March 23, 2020

Office of Academic Affairs

We regret to inform you that we have extended the duration of non-face-to-face classes as the COVID-19 situation is still in “serious” level and the global pandemic phase has deepened several international crises.

On the premise that non-face-to-face classes may be extended throughout this semester in the worst case until the end of COVID-19, we will continue to announce appropriate academic measures as circumstances change.

We will extend the non-face-to-face class period for two weeks [March 30 (Mon) - April 12 (Sun)].

As a next step, according to current academic regulations, non-face-to-face lectures can be extended up to Sunday, May 17, which is the 9th week of the semester.

We are now reviewing various ways to secure face-to-face class hours, especially for the subjects that include experiments, practice, and exercises that are mandatory.

In case the non-face-to-face course period is inevitably extended for a full semester, we will notify you later about the operation of the academic affairs and the application of the academic regulations.

During the non-face-to-face class period, please refrain from all school activities where a large number of people gather in a small space. Even for research activities, job-rotation and telecommuting are strongly recommended except for the essential personnel.

We would like to express our gratitude and thanks to the dedicated efforts of the professors and students who faithfully give lectures and participate even in the unprecedented crisis situation. We believe that we will overcome difficulties with wisdom and care for all members.