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2021 UPDATED: COVID-19 On-campus Case Report (학내 발생 상황 보고)

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Date20-03-05 20:29 Hit5,828


On-campus COVID-19 Case Report

This announcement outlines the on-campus travel-route of SNU members who have tested positive for COVID-19 after undergoing epidemiological testing by the local authorities. In compliance with the relevant laws, the announcement period is limited to 14 days prior to the confirmation of the case’s infection, and outlines any possible contact the individual has had with others on campus.


☞ If you visited the place at the above time, please refer to Response to COVID-19 Occurrences on Campus for further information. (SNU Health Service Center Emergency Response Team: 02-880-5342)


▶ The travel routes above have been confirmed by the SNU epidemiological survey team, but may change as the Gwanak-gu’s Public Health Center's investigation continues. For off-campus travel routes, please refer to announcements made by the Gwanak-gu’s Public Health Center.
▶ According to the first edition of the Guidelines for Disclosure of Information (KCDC, '20.10.6), the movement route of the confirmed case is disclosed not when the contacts with the confirmed case in the specific space are all identified, but when there are unidentified contacts after the epidemiological investigation.
▶ The disclosure of travel routes is intended to prevent further spread through the disclosure of the information. The order of posting the status of confirmed cases on this bulletin board does not mean the order of spread among confirmed cases. Please refrain from leaking personal information or making personal attacks on the confirmed person. Any ungrounded slander or information leakage against a confirmed person may be subject to legal responsibility.