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COVID-19 On-Campus Contact Information (학내 연락망)

페이지 정보

Date20-03-05 19:59 Hit5,611


Contact Information

If you develop any suspected symptoms of COVID-19 within 14 days of your return from COVID-19 infected regions or contact with a confirmed patient, call ahead 1339 or local community center (Gwanak, 02-879-7131) and visit the stated-designated medical facilities.

If you develop such symptoms with no potential source, do not enter the campus and self-monitor your health status for 3 – 4 days.

For any occurrences related to COVID-19, report to your college/department or program office (OIA, LEI, etc.) in the daytime and SNU Health Service Center (02-880-5342) in the nighttime.

Self-Isolation Requirement

All SNU members who travel from or through China, Hong Kong, and Macau (=> extended to all countries, as of March 22, 2020) are required to self-isolate themselves and not enter the campus (including the dormitory) for 14 days upon their return to Korea and must contact SNU to inform the travel history and domestic contact information.

* Individual → College/Department or Program Coordinator → SNU Health Service Center → Office of Student Affairs

College of Humanities 02-880-6007
College of Social Sciences 02-880-6308~9
College of Natural Sciences 02-880-6494
College of Nursing 02-740-8461
College of Business Administration 02-880-6908/6919
College of Engineering 02-880-7010/2277
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences 02-880-4531/4508
College of Fine Arts 02-880-7454
College of Education 02-880-7608
College of Human Ecology 02-880-6805
College of Veterinary Medicine 02-880-1208~10
College of Pharmacy 02-880-7826
College of Music 02-880-7903
College of Medicine 02-740-8037~40
College of Liberal Sciences 02-880-9536

Graduate School of Public Health 02-880-2708
Graduate School of Public Administration 02-880-8542
Graduate School of Environmental Studies 02-880-5642
Graduate School of International Affairs 02-880-8505~9
Graduate School of Dentistry 02-740-8612
Graduate School of Business 02-880-2554
School of Law 02-880-7538~9
Graduate School of Convergence Science Technology 031-888-9153
Graduate School of International Agriculture Technology 033-339-5683
Graduate School of Engineering Practice 02-880-2266~7
Graduate School of Data Science 02-880-1330~1
Office of International Affairs 02-880-4447/8634
Language Education Institute 02-880-5483
Gwanaksa Dormitory 02-880-5401~4
Extension College 02-880-9802