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The Office of International Affairs (OIA),
as SNU's headquarter for developing and promoting its international programs and initiatives,
welcomes all students and scholars to SNU's vibrant intellectual community.

Scholarships SNU Global Scholarships Ⅰ,Ⅱ

SNU Global Scholarships Ⅰ,Ⅱ


SNU International students in graduate programs

Details of the Award

  • Application Period : June and December (upon admission to SNU)
  • Number of Recipients : 60 graduate students, per semester (subject to change)
  • Amount and Duration of Award
SNU Global Scholarship Ⅰ
Tuition 1 Year
Living Allowances monthly 1,200,000 KRW
Airfare Economy seat 

Public Sector Scholarship (Scholarship for public sector employees from developing countries) is included in GS 1.
: Eligible candidates should have more than one year work experience at the public sector prior to the announcement of SNU admissions result.
: Please submit the official document in English or Korean indicating employment history at public sectors.

Points will be added for submitting Video Link*

SNU Global Scholarship II for Graduate
Tuition 1 semester ~ 1 Year
Korean Language Evening Class
Korean Language Training
10 weeks 1 evening session

Points will be added for submitting Video Link*
* Students could submit video file using the specified method(Vimeo, Youtube) presenting Academic Achievements, Study Plan, Goals after Graduation. Presentations are limited to 5 minutes and competitors exceeding 5 minutes are disqualified.

Please note that the amount of award may vary depending on the individual circumstances.

Contact Information


"Thank You" from Scholarship Recipients

The SNU Global Scholarship has made my life a lot happier. I can use my time for studying and enjoying my experience in Korea now that I no longer have sleepless nights over money and I do not have to work side jobs anymore. I am extremely grateful to SNU for providing me with the chance to enjoy my studies the way that every student should: by having fun.

Anna Hommel Graduate School of International Studies (Fall 2017-Spring 2019) SNU Global Scholarship Fall 2018-Spring 2019)

Undergraduate Program

Receiving the SNU Global Scholarship for a period of one year has been the motivation that has made me work harder in pursuit of academic excellence. This has been the guiding force for me to work hard so as to be able to renew the scholarship for the next term as well and has made me more responsible towards my academic goals. It has instilled in me a sense of security and taken away the added stress of finances of my studies. It has also boosted my confidence and made me believe that hard work pays off. I am grateful for having received this opportunity.

Shubhi Pandey College of Law (Fall 2018- Spring 2020) SNU Global Scholarship (Fall 2018-Spring 2019)

Undergraduate Program

Thank you for supporting the Global Scholarship. If I had not received this scholarship, it really would have been difficult for me to continue my degree program after the first semester. I have also very much appreciated the opportunity to continue my Korean studies through the support for the evening Korean Language Education Program.

Tamar Harrington Graduate School of International Studies (Fall 2017-Fall 2018) SNU Global Scholarship II and III (Spring 2018-Fall 2018)

Undergraduate Program

It is so grateful to receive this scholarship, which help me to reduce the economy burden of my family. And it encourage international students to pursue academic goals and multi-cultural life. Also, it presents that the responsibility and warm support from SNU that has good reputation in the Korea and the whole world. Thanks to the contribution of the SNU global scholarship.

Li Miao Sociology (Spring 2018) SNU Global Scholarship (Fall 2018)

Undergraduate Program

Thanks to the scholarship from Seoul University, that I have much less pressure in daily finance use. This largely helps me in concentrating on my study and academic aims without worrying about the tuition fees. I'm extremely grateful for this great opportunity for foreign students.

Chen Xiaoyu College of Natural Sciences Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences(Fall 2018~Fall 2021) SNU Global Scholarship (Fall 2018~Fall 2019)

Undergraduate Program

SNU Global Scholarship has given me a wonderful opportunity to pursue my academic goal, even if it covers only my tuition fee but also let me being here in SNU to be regular student without worries about a big part of finance. I am really thankful for sharing opportunities and freedom for foreigner students to fulfill their dreams in SNU, thanks a lot for the contribution of the scholarship.

Noulorsaytour Xamyo College of Natural Science, Chemistry Department SNU Global Scholarship

Undergraduate Program

Receiving Tuition for Korean Language evening classes at the Language Education Institute of SNU give me a chance to learn a new language, exciting things of Korean culture as well as having many new friends around the world, through which I can quickly adapt to my new life in Korea. Therefore, I deeply appreciate for support from SNU.

Do Van Tung Civil and Environmental Department SNU Global Scholarship

Undergraduate Program

I am deeply grateful to Mr. SNU President, donors, the OIA and GSIS staff for awarding me with SNU Global Scholarship. Thanks to it, I can purchase scientific literature for my research, attend Korean Language Classes and learn culture of this amazing country. Such kind of the financial aid for the students supports young and creative scientists and helps them to develop their professional skills.

Elena Isaeva Graduate School of International Studies /Dept. of International Studies (Fall 2018) SNU Global Scholarship (Fall 2018 - Spring 2019)

Undergraduate Program

I'm writing to express my sincere gratitude for your support. Receiving the Scholarship has protected me from my family's financial burden and given me a sense of security starting my life in SNU, so that I can pursue my academic project more intensively. I promise I will work hard and eventually give something back to others, possibly a scholarship to future students like myself.

Zhao Xinyou Business Administration/ Marketing (Fall 2018~) SNU Global Scholarship(Fall 2018~Spring 2019)

Undergraduate Program

I am completely grateful to the University for the opportunity to continue my graduate studies. By receiving the SNU Global Scholarship I can confirm all the support it is given to foreign students, and encourage me to keep on working hard to meet with the expectations.

Rodrigo Hernandez Millares Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology/ Department of Trans disciplinary Studies SNU Global Scholarship

Undergraduate Program

I want to take this time to sincerely thank Seoul National University, the Office of International Affairs, and the SNU President for the SNU Global Scholarship. Thanks to this scholarship, I am able to focus on my studies without the fear and concern that I may not be able to support myself. I am in Korea on my own, financially supporting myself, so this scholarship is absolutely essential for me to be able to study at the graduate level, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunities it provides.

Joshua Carbone College of Humanities, Linguistics SNU Global Scholarship

Undergraduate Program

I have been awarded Global Scholarship II since fall 2017. It's really a great affirmation of my learning outcomes, and it is an inspiration to my current study. This honor is a new starting point for me to constantly pursue new breakthroughs and improve myself all the time.

Zhou Ying College of Education/Dept. of Education SNU Global Scholarship

Undergraduate Program

I am very honored to have received the SNU Global Scholarship, which has provided me with the ability to focus on my education and not have additional worries about uncertainties regarding my financial affairs. As I continue my education at Seoul National University, I will be able to more successfully carry out my research and academic goals thanks to your generosity and support.

Timour Igamberdiev College of Humanities, Department of Linguistics SNU Global Scholarship

Undergraduate Program

I would like to thank you for your generosity in funding the scholarship. By awarding me this scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school, learning. Your financial generosity has allowed me to be one step closer to my goal and has inspired me to help others by giving back to the community.

Jessica Yun College of Pharmacy SNU Global Scholarship

Undergraduate Program

“Let Noble thoughts come from every side” is a proverb which highlights the motto of the SNU Global scholarship. The SNU global scholarship facilitates to remove financial barrier to express their noble thoughts that makes the country proud and lay for great innovations. I personally feel the financial assistance makes me comfortable and secure in a foreign place. I can work more resilient and determined and healthy. I wish the financial assistance can make worthy in terms of gaining more knowledge that enhances the fame of the institution.

Achanta Jagadeesh Sri Venkata College of Medicine SNU Global Scholarship

Undergraduate Program

From the bottom of my heart I'm very grateful for the financial assistance granted to me through the SNU Global Scholarship. I have a peace of mind as I pursue my studies and research, with this scholarship I am determined to achieve my dream of becoming a world-class development scholar. Forever grateful!

Kent Kamasumba Graduate School of International Studies (Fall 2018~Fall 2020) SNU Global Scholarship (Fall 2018~Spring 2019)

Undergraduate Program

First of all, let me to thank for all of your support to award me this scholarship. I am very happy to receive the SNU Global Scholarship because it makes me feel secure and be energetic during my studying and researching in SNU. In the future, I will try to have a good result in studying and researching to have more scholarship, to make my resume better so as to have a good job, and to leave a good impressive about the international students, and of course, the Vietnamese students in SNU.

Cung Van Duy Energy Systems Engineering(Fall 2018~) SNU Global Scholarship

Undergraduate Program

Really thanks for the Scholarship. It provided me with an environment in which I could concentrate on studying, away from the economic burden. I will cherish the opportunity and strive to achieve good results.

장려은/Zhang Lien College of Social Science /Anthropology (Fall 2018) SNU Global scholarship/Overseas Koreans Scholarship

Undergraduate Program

I completely understand there were a mess of applicants and I was one of the fortune`s favorites. So I really cherish this grateful benefit. With your kind support, I enjoyed a crazy but wonderful 'knowledge shower' and participated in verities of activities without too much economic stress and really had a wonderful college life in past one year. Thanks a lot. Sincerely.

Jin Chunlai College of Law/ Law (Spring 2018) Global Scholarship II (Spring2018)

Undergraduate Program

I'm really thankful for this opportunity of studying Korean Language at the Language Institute, I made new friends and improve my Korean Language. Once again thank you very much.

Yoisy Belen Castillo College of Agriculture and Life Sciences SNU Global Scholarship (10 weeks Korean Language)

Undergraduate Program

January 14, 2019