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SNU in the World Programs

SNU in the World Programs (SWP), launched by Office of International Affairs (OIA), Seoul National University (SNU), offers students a great opportunity to study abroad in major cities around the world. SWP combines the excitement of study abroad with the academic rigor of classes taught by SNU faculty. The programs are designed to deliver instructions that go beyond the traditional classroom in academic, cultural and social aspects. SNU aims to cultivate global leaders with a wider perspective of the world, by providing intensive courses and sharing a unique hands-on learning experience. SWP's curriculum will be listed on an official SNU transcript.


SNU in the World Programs are funded by OIA including tuition fee, residential fee, and/or excursion fee. (The amount of coverage may differ depending on the programs). Students are responsible for other expenses, including meals and airfare (full/partial). (Students from lower income family may be funded for partial airfare and/or other expenses.)


Students can participate in SNU in the World Programs to visit U.S.A., China, Japan, Russia, Australia, and Europe to experience the world. With the courses to learn about each country's politics, international relations, economics, cultures, and so on, you can have a successful and productive summer and winter vacation wherever you are headed.

Programs The Number of Students Education Period
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Total 199 181 221 363 397
1 SNU in Beijing 101 100 101 120 120 8-week Summer
2 SNU in Tokyo 27 32 31 15 29 7-week
3 SNU in Moscow - - 31 30 30 5-week
4 SNU in Paris - - - 30 30 5-week
5 SNU in Berlin - - - 30 30 6-week
6 SNU in Madrid - - - 30 30 5-week
7 SNU in London - - - - 20 4-week
8 SNU in Silicon Valley - - - - - 4-week Summer
2017 launched
9 SNU in Washington D.C. 41 49 58 60 60 4-week Winter
10 SNU in Geneva - - - 20 20 4-week
11 SNU in Australia 28 3-week


An applicant must be currently enrolled to SNU. (A student on a leave of absence, or a graduate-to-be are not eligible)

Required Documents(Please refer to the Notice Board for detailed information)

  1. A SWP Application Form
  2. A Study Plan
  3. An Official Transcript
  4. A Certificate of Language Proficiency (English-required, other language- not required)
  5. A Participation Agreement and Release of Liability (Minors Only)
  6. A Certificate of Enrollment


Detailed information about each programs will be announced on the Notice Board at

Announcement of the programs → Application → Interview → Announcement of the admission decisions → Orientation and preparation(including lectures) → Departure