On Campus

The Office of International Affairs (OIA),
as SNU's headquarter for developing and promoting its international programs and initiatives,
welcomes all students and scholars to SNU's vibrant intellectual community.


The SNU student ID card gives you access to the University Libraries, the Computer Center, and other campus facilities. Your ID card can be equipped with the S-card function, which enables the use of ATMs and transportation facilities. Application is available at the Student Support Center in the Dure Cultural Center (building 67, 2nd Fl.). Note that for students, the SNU ID card application is only available after they report their alien registration number to their department office. If you are an exchange or visiting student, you should report it to the OIA Staff.

How to find a book you need

  1. Search the title of the book
  2. Check the location and availability

How to reserve a seat or a place to study

  1. Log in with your SNU ID
  2. Click "Places to Study"
  3. Reserve a seat