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Fall 2020 Changes in On-campus Facilities Operations (2020학년도 2학기 학내 시…

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작성자 SNU OIA 작성일20-08-19 19:31 조회236회


1. Library Operations

From early June, SNU library operate normally in terms of operation hours and entrance restriction, except for the closed group study rooms. SNU library opens to SNU members only, and all visitors must fill out a mobile questionnaire and have the body temperature measured by the staff before entering the library. Also, visitors must wear a mask at all times during the visit.

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(Update as of August 18) In light of Level 2 Social Distancing measures, it is prohibited for more than one person to sit together and study with chatting at Study Garden, located on 2F and 3F of Kwanjeong Library. Group study rooms that have newly opened are also closed.


2. Museums

Museums (since Mar 6; Museum of Art, MOA, since Feb 29) and Kyujanggak exhibition halls (since Feb 29) have been shut down.


3. Sports Facilities


All on-campus sports facilities are available to SNU members only with a prior reservation and group uses are restricted.

All users must record their names, use hand sanitizers and measure body temperature before the entry; visitors whose body temperature is higher than 37.5 celcius can only enter the facilities. All users must keep a 2m distance from others.


The following facilities are closed: stadium and all outdoor fields and tracks, indoor stadium, indoor GX facilities

Tennis courts are open from 9 am to 10 pm and entrance can be made through court #7 and #8 or #12.


- POSCO Sports Center and other college-level gyms has been shout down since Mar 2.


​- For Gwanwasa dormitory, indoor stadium and cultural facilities (Gaon Hall, Dain Hall, piano practice rooms)  are closed. 

Outdoor field is available for a group less than 5 persons, whose names must be submitted for its use.

Dormitory gym, located in Bldg. 919, operates on a limited basis. 

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4. Movie Watching Room (Dure Hall, Bldg. 67)/Music Listening Room (Student Center, Bldg. 63)


All rooms have been shut down since the winter vacation time.