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October UPDATED: COVID-19 Treatment Fee for Incoming Foreigners (해외입국 …

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작성자 SNU OIA 작성일20-08-18 21:31 조회348회


In compliance with the revised law, from August 17, 2020, when foreign patients who enter Korea and are diagnosed to be positive to COVID-19 violate the Korean government's COVID-19 prevention guidelines (not complying with quarantine requirement, submitting false PCR test result, etc.), all medical expenses will be charged the patients. 


From August 24, 2020, foreigners who enter Korea and are tested positive to COVID-19, may be charged with medical expenses, depending on the nationality. The criteria comes from whether the home country provides the reciprocal financial support for Korean people tested COVID-19 overseas. 

  - For a foreigner whose country provides financial support for medical expenses for foreigners (including Koreans): full or partial support provided (except for fee that is not covered by health insurance); 

  - For a foreigner whose country does not provide any financial support for foreigners: no support provided; the patient is fully responsible for the incurred medical expenses;

  - For foreigners whose country provides conditional support: only hospitalization fee provided; all other fees for medical examination, treatment or food are charged to the patient.