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On-campus Self-Quarantine Facilities (Hoam Faculty House) Application …

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Warmest greetings from Seoul National University!


  • SELF-QUARANTINE Facility (Hoam Faculty House)  

All entrants from abroad need to self-quarantine for 14 days upon entry, and SNU is offering self-quarantine facilities near the campus. 

○ Application Period: 2020.7.30.(Thu) ~ 2020.8.5.(Wed)

○ Operation Period: 2020.8.15.(Sat) ~ 2020.9.6.(Sun) (Check-in Period: 8.15.~8.23)

○ Facilities Venue: Hoam Faculty House


If you wish to apply for the self-quarantine facility, please sign up via the link here:

Link: (Click the link)★ (You can submit the application from 7.30.)

You need to complete the survey above and also upload the application form (You can download from the attachment, Page 4)