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Self-Isolation Guideline (자율보호자 대상자를 위한 생활수칙 안내문)

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□ Self-Isolation Guideline   

This guideline is provided for those who cooperate in self-isolation to detect any COVID-19 infection possibilities and blocking its spread to the local community.

 *Self-isolation: Those who have visited China (including Hong Kong and Macau) in the past 14 days are required to self-isolate themselves for 14 days, during which they are not allowed to enter the campus, excluded from class and work.

O Refrain from going outside and stay indoors as much as possible.

 - When inevitable, report the reason you must go out and its estimated schedule to your institution coordinator and return immediately.

 - Make sure to wear a mask at all time and avoid contact with others.


O Attendance to class is restricted for the quarantine period (14 days from the date of arrival), as well as access to SNU campus, as an effort to maintain a safe environment.


 - Class absences caused by the self-isolation are acknowledged as class presences.

 - Self-isolated students can enter the campus and attend the class only when they report to SNU after you finish the 14 days of self-isolation and have no suspected symptoms.


O Dining and laundry must be handled as individually as possible within their own residential area (room) and any contact with others must be minimized.


O Make sure to follow COVID-19 prevention guideline.

 - Wash or sterilize your hands as often and thoroughly as possible.

 - Wear a mask all the time if you have a fever or any respiratory symptoms (coughs, breathing issues, etc.).


O How exactly do we self-monitor ourselves?

 - Self-isolated students must self-monitor their health status, if they have any suspected symptoms, twice a day (morning, evening).

 - Use the self-monitoring mobile application app to record the health status.

 - If you develop any suspected symptoms, contact SNU Health Service Center or your institution coordinator at SNU.

* Fever (higher than 37.5), respiratory symptoms (coughs, sore throat, etc.), and pneumonia are major symptoms of COVID-19.

For the self-isolation period, SNU Health Service Center will contact you to check your symptoms. Please self-monitor yourself in the following way until the self-isolation period ends.  

If you develop any suspected symptoms or if the symptoms get severe, you must contact your local community health center or KCDC call center (1339).

Gwanak-gu Public Health Center: 02-879-7131/7133

Jongro-gu Public Health Center: 02-2428-3552

SNU Health Service Center (Gwanak): 02-880-6340 (daytime), 02-880-5342 (nighttime, weekends and holidays)

SNU Health Service Center (Yeongeon branch): 02-740-8108

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