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Fall 2020 Class Operations (2020학년도 2학기 수업 운영 안내)

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Fall 2020 Class Operations


○ Classes will be conducted between September 1 to December 14 (15 weeks) / Make-up classes may be held between December 15 to 20. 


 Course change period has been extended and will be conducted on a non-face-to-face basis.

  - Course change period (Add & Drop): September 1 – 14 (2 weeks) 

  - Course override is processed on a non-face-to-face basis in the same manner as in the 1st semester (Spring 2020).


 Policies and Procedures

  - For General Elective (including Subject for Liberal Education) courses, theory (lecture-based) classes will be offered on a non-face-to-face basis, while practice (experiment/lab/practice-based) classes (including language courses) will be partly in-person. 

  - Major (including Requisite or Elective Subject for Major) courses will be held either on a non-face-to-face or in-person basis.

  - Non-face-to-face classes will be held in the same manner as in the 1st semester (Spring 2020). (Real-time online lecture through ZOOM, video-recorded lectures, etc.)

  - In-person classes will be conducted abiding by COVID-19 disinfection and prevention measures. 

  - Class operations for each course will be updated on the course syllabus, which will be uploaded to course registration website ( before the preliminary course registration starts.


◎ Classes will be held based on the assumption that the current Social Distancing measures (Level 1) continue. 

  · A mixture of online and offline classes will be offered to mitigate the concentration of students.

◎ If Social Distancing measure is strengthened to Level 2?

  · In-person classes will be minimally conducted only when necessary, and the majority of classes will turn online. 

◎ If Social Distancing measure is strengthened to Level 3?

  · All classes will turn online and entry to the campus will be restricted. 

◎ In-person classes and exams will be held under thorough disinfection and prevention measures.