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Strengthened Distancing Campaign for Seoul, Gyeonggi Regions (May 29 …

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작성자 SNU OIA 작성일20-06-02 13:51 조회170회


In light of the recent development of COVID in Seoul and Gyeonggi regions, Korean government has introduced another strengthened distancing campaign, effective from May 29 to June 14, 2020.


1. Refrain from staying outside and gathering in a group.

 * Except for necessary hospital visits, all gatherings (hobby, religion, family affairs, etc.) are encouraged to be cancelled or postponed.


2. Stay home for 3 - 4 days if you feel unwell.

​ * Caretakers who work for those vulnerable to virus infection (medical institutions, schools, child daycare centers, social welfare facilities, etc.) must observe it.


3. Observe personal hygiene:

 - Keep a 2m distance from other people.

 - Wash hands for more than 30 seconds and cover your cough with your sleeves.


4. Ventilate regularly for more than twice a day and disinfect places exposed to human contacts.

5. Wear a mask when using public transportation and indoor multi-use facilities, as well as outdoors when it is difficult to keep a 2m distance.

6. Go back home directly after work.

7. Refrain from paying a visit to care hospitals or hospitals for the elderly.