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Life At SNU
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Before You Leave SNU

Before You Leave SNU

01Shipping and Storage

There are a variety of storage and international moving companies in Korea. Visit the following websites for the services provided for moving stuffs abroad.

02Disposal of Household Goods

When you pack your household goods, consider donating or selling them. Pass some on to your close friends but also donate things for your neighborhood. Donations are accepted at Beautiful Store or Sharing Happiness (Only Korean). If you want to sell your things try to join an international flea market regularly organized by the Seoul Global Center.
For items which cannot be recycled, you should use standard trash bags for disposal. If you have large items to be disposed of such as furniture or a mattress, you will have to purchase a special tag from your dong office and put it on the item when you dispose of it. Tag purchase is also available via the internet on the homepage of gu office. Disposal fees vary by item.

03Check Items to Be Returned

Items can be easily mixed up while you are packing many things together. Carefully check for everything you have borrowed from your friends or from any facilities and return them before packing.

04Clear Up all Money Related Matters

If you have any outstanding bills, pay them before you leave. If the regular payment date is later than you leave, contact the related company or person and ask them if the earlier payment is available. If you are due a deposit refund, notify the organization or person of your departure date in advance so that they can prepare it before your leave. If you have been registered for any services such as insurance, credit cards, or a publisher which cost you regular payment, notify them of your departure in advance. Close all Korean bank accounts after withdrawing all remaining money.

Even if you plan to see people you know in Korea before you leave, when your departure time arrives you may become very busy so meeting people can be difficult. Try to contact the people you are close to in advance and try to get together well before your departure and avoid missing a valuable chance to see your close friends before you leave the country.